Lulu the Bomb Sniffing Dog Gets Kicked of the CIA

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This week’s internet sensation is a sweet canine named Lulu. She has created an internet frenzy, but in a good way, after refusing to sniff bombs during her CIA training.

Dearest Lulu, we too wish that we could play on white sand beaches in Hawaii, sipping Mimosas, rather than be stuck in the office all day.

Based on details in the CIA’s message, it seems Lulu had progressively indicated her disinterest. The training programme is no walk in the park; pardon the pun. It’s filled with demanding days, which are intense and exhausting, to say the least. I guess Lulu thought about her life choices and realized that the work life of a bomb-sniffing dog just was not up her alley.

This puppy-eyed pooch was not motivated by food or play!

But no tears for Lulu, the canine got a fairytale ending, when she was released from her training obligations and adopted by her handler.

Yay Lulu!

Even better, she now has a new friend, Harry, who she gets to spend lots of time hanging out, with their handler. The pair is a match made in heaven.

Keep your fingers crossed, this might mean cute mini Lulus are in the making!

The black Labrador created quite a steer on social media after the CIA tweeted a heartfelt note about the loveable Lulu. They stated that the bomb squad trainee would no longer be in their explosives detection training. It seems Lulu was more interested in other things than rummaging for bombs.

Nevertheless, can you blame the cute Lab?

Observers on Twitter had quite the fun pre-supposing what Lulu’s silent desires might be.

Some guessed that she would want to travel the world or become an artist.

Lulu da Vinci! Picasso Lulu! Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Others took a more political stance, with rumblings of socialism vs. carceral states.

I guess Lulu did not like the idea of surveillance systems and monitoring technologies in modern societies.

Ah, we doubt it.

As expected, there were cute Lulu memes.

Most people shared their relief, now that Lulu was in retirement from a notoriously contentious and mysterious CIA.

Their well-known pastimes of arming guerrillas, overthrowing governments and torturing prisoners was not where many thought the loveable, black Labrador should be.

Regardless, it was definitely a week of Lulu love with many odes, poetry and songs.

She brought unity where there has been much divisiveness over the last year and we welcome that wholeheartedly.

We wish Lulu well!






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