What is the Best Dog Food For Your Dog? 5 Critical Facts to Be Considered Before Choosing Commercial Dog Foods

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What is the Best Dog Food For Your Dog? 5 Critical Facts to Be Considered Before Choosing Commercial Dog Foods

Dog food sales are big business. In the United States alone, dog pet owners spend a total of more than $9 billion a year on dog food alone. That consists of more than 7 million pounds of food from more than 30 different manufacturers. The dog food industry is one of the biggest industries in America, rivaled only by the food industry giants such as Walmart and McDonald’s.

The ingredients in dog food vary greatly, too. Just about every manufacturer in the industry has their own special blend of meats, vegetables, and grains. So you have to ask, what do you want your dog food to contain? And which are the best ingredients to look for? Here are some answers to those questions.

For years, dog food companies have included meat, primarily beef, chicken, and lamb, as the main ingredient in their dry dog foods. These meats are the main ingredient in the majority of human diets. And they’re the most nutritious meats available. However, most dog foods don’t come close to containing the dietary fiber that you need to keep your dog healthy. Dry dog foods that include meat as the primary ingredient lack the fiber, making them high in carbohydrates. And the carbohydrates in dog foods such as these can be difficult for dogs to process.

For years, chicken was the primary ingredient in all dog food. Chicken provides a number of nutrients your dog needs, including protein and amino acids. Chicken meal is also very digestible, which makes it a better choice for some dogs than other types of meat. However, because many dog food manufacturers use so much poultry meal, dry dog foods often contain a lot of filler. While poultry meal is a good ingredient overall, the carbohydrates in dog food made with it can lead to constipation.

As you probably know, corn is another popular dog food ingredient. While corn is an inexpensive addition to many brands, it can also be highly fattening. Cornmeal is highly processed flour that can add excessive calories to your dog’s food. And while corn is typically only used in moderation, it can make your dog feel hungry for a longer period of time. As an added bonus, cornmeal often has a high level of fat.

In general, the cheapest way to find what is the best dog food for your pet is to purchase dry food at a pet store. These types of products are usually more affordable than the “premium” varieties. If you choose this route, it’s important to read the labels carefully to see exactly which ingredients are in the product.

Many of the top dog foods on the market contain a significant amount of meat. While this is a great ingredient for most dogs, it can create problems with canine diabetes. Because so many commercial dog foods contain large amounts of meat, they must be fortified. Often these must be from cheaper sources – which means the price of your dog food will go up.

There are several canned dog foods available that provide all natural, balanced nutrition. Many of these come in small sizes and are easier to feed to your dogs. However, even though these are easier to digest, some dogs have problems sleeping well because they are not getting enough water or nutrients. Again, the key is choosing a dry dog food that does not use fillers and additives. This is not only healthier for your dog but will help your furry companion live a longer, happier and healthier life.