What Are the Nutritional Needs of a Dog?

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What Are the Nutritional Needs of a Dog?

Dog food is simply food meant for consumption by domesticated dogs and other similar canines. domesticated dogs are believed to be herbivores with a very carnivorous lean. Humans are not supposed to eat such lean meat. And yet the diet of many dog owners include too much meat. The amount of meat eaten by humans may range from one to two pounds per day. That may seem like a lot but it’s still a lot of meat for a small dog to consume.

This may be because many people still think that dogs are carnivores. To make matters worse, these same people often confuse dogs as hamsters and so mistake them for vegetables. To avoid confusing your pet, it would help to know what makes the best dog foods for him. This way you can ensure that what you feed him is healthy and nutritious.

Although it’s true that dogs may be herbivorous, the primary source of their diet is protein. As such, dog food makers have come up with different dog food varieties that provide more than enough protein for these pets. The first among these is dry food. Dry dog food may be purchased in a variety of brands, types and sizes. If you don’t want to buy a bag of dry dog food, there are moist dog food available as well.

Meat, bones and fish comprise the first ingredient in dry dog food. Meat sources include beef, lamb, duck, turkey and horse. Bones and fish come in meat form or as pellet form which are then used as a source of protein. In addition, rice and corn may also be used.

If you want your dog food to contain more nutrients, then it would help if you opt for a dog food that is called “human-grade.” Human-grade means that it contains more nutrition compared to its dog food counterpart. Some examples of these types are Purina’s All Life, Alpo and Evolis. These types of brands provide better quality and more nutrients than the usual ones.

Another important aspect to consider is the expiration date. The most common human-grade dog food would be those that are manufactured by the American Society for Nutrition (ASN). However, most brands would be available with expiry dates ranging from six months to a year. Hence, you should find out the date of expiry for each of your pets. Feeding them with dog food that has an expiry date is not advisable because it allows bacteria to grow thus affecting the dogs’ health. Check out your vet to see when their dog food would expire.

Senior dogs often need different nutritional needs than their younger counterparts. There are several factors that contribute to these changes in the nutritional needs of seniors. As they age, dogs require a lesser amount of protein and fat because they metabolize the substance less effectively. To compensate for this lack in certain nutrients, senior dogs need a lot of carbohydrates, a lesser amount of protein and fats, and a moderate amount of fat. To meet these nutritional needs, it is best to feed senior dog food that is specially formulated for these purposes.

Lastly, it is important to find out what ingredients are in the dog food label. A lot of dog owners are not aware that some ingredients such as sodium benzoate and formaldehyde can cause serious health problems. Hence, it is advisable to check the product name before purchasing any dog food products. Be sure that the product name includes all the necessary ingredients for the product.

Most dogs experience dental problems at some point in their lives. This can be caused by tartar build-up or impacted teeth. To treat this problem, you may feed the dog a special dry dog food. Some dogs develop gastrointestinal problems due to over-feeding or dehydration. For this purpose, dry dog food is best for them.

Another type of condition that dogs have to face is urinary tract infection. Puppies and senior dogs both can suffer from this problem. The moisture from urine contains bacteria which can lead to infection if antibiotics are not used to fight off the infection. To prevent UTI in puppies, make sure to feed them canned dog foods like beef, lamb or duck. Avoid giving dry dog foods as it may make the problem worse.

To meet nutritional needs of dogs, make sure that they take only quality dog food. Feeding your dog a low quality food may cause it to become overweight or underweight. This will have an effect on its health. It may get bone, skin or joint problems. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best dog food that meets your canine’s nutritional needs.