What are the Best Pet Hotels in Los Angeles?

Out of all the cities in the US, Los Angeles is probably one of the best places to go if you’re looking for an excellent pet hotel. More than in almost any other city, Los Angeles residents pamper their furry friends to levels that could surprise most pet owners.

Many Angelinos are frequent travelers, so when their four-legged friends can’t accompany them, they need a place to stay that’s up to their exacting standards. If you are looking for ultra-luxurious pet hotels, look no further than LA – there’s something for everyone here.

It’s probably easier to find a pet hotel in Los Angeles than in just about any other city in the US!

Here’s a selection of places that will please any pup.

Paradise Ranch Resort

This resort offers cage-free boarding. Your dog will have a private bedroom for relaxation (with air conditioning), along with plenty of grassy spaces to play with other doggie friends.

Fountains, pools, bridges – everything is built for dogs to enjoy. Your dog can even have private swimming lessons, massage sessions, or boogie boarding lessons.

Staff is available 24/7 to satisfy your dog’s every need.

The resort has a public webcam, so you don’t even have to leave your living room couch to check out the facilities.

Fitdog Sports Club

In fitness-conscious LA, you may want your dog to enjoy a sporting holiday. At Fitdog, your dog will experience the ultimate health vacation for pups, keeping fit and active, with a specially crafted daily routine.

In addition to a private sleeping area with staff care 24/7, your dog can enjoy beach days, hikes, spa treatments, and behavioral lessons. Your pup may return to you not only slim and trim but with improved manners!

Fitdog also runs a Fitdog Runners Club on weekends where you can meet staff members and play with other dogs – it’s free of charge.

There are also day rates as well as discounts for one-month stays and multiple dog memberships.

The Barkley Pet Hotel and Day Spa

Another cage-free resort, this Los Angeles venue, also welcomes cats (other locations can accommodate exotic birds and other animals). A webcam is in place so that you can keep an eye on your pet while you’re away if you wish.

This resort aims to replicate a loving home environment for your dog. If you have an anxious dog, this may be your top choice, as you can bring your dog along for a free trial day before committing to a more extended stay. Doggie daycare is available, too, if you want to book several daytime sessions.

And it is indeed a resort – it offers spa treatments, grooming, rides in a limo, treats in bed, playgroups with doggie friends, and even bedtime stories to send your pup off to sleep with a happy face.

They also offer multi-pet discounts and holiday rates.

D Pet Hotels

This pet hotel offers modern décor with all the most up-to-date features for your pet. On offer are individual flat-screen televisions in every room, a choice of various suites for your friend’s maximum comfort, and a choice of three indoor dog parks to play with canine companions.

After a busy day, your dog can enjoy a massage, an aromatherapy treatment, a ‘pedicure, or a luxurious bath.

And if you’re too busy or prefer not to drop off your pet yourself for that heart-wrenching goodbye, a luxury car can come and pick up your pup at your home.

The Wags Club

The Wags Club provides both daycare and overnight stays, where your friend can enjoy a large indoor/outdoor dog park along with a pool, cabanas, a grooming room, a spa, and musical entertainment.

Pet concierge services are offered, along with individualized services for both younger pups and more senior dogs. More adventurous dogs can also go on off-site adventures (excursions).

You can even hold your dog’s birthday party at The Wags Club!

Puparazzi Pet Resort and Spa

This resort and spa have luxury suites named after doggy stars such as Marilyn Monruff, Pawdry Hepburn, Paw McCartney, or Leonardo DiMaggio. Your dog will enjoy fresh linens every day, with enough space to accommodate 3 of your dogs together if you have a large doggie family.

Puparazzi also organizes daily ‘slumber parties’ for guests, which you can watch using the Puppy Peek Cams. A must for more social dogs!

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