15 Easy Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Diet

beagle eating kibble

“All his life, he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For, after all, he was only human. He wasn’t a dog.” – Charles M. Schulz 

Many global reports reveal there are more than 373 dog breeds in the world. That sounds like a fun fact for all the dog lovers out there. Further, as per the reports by American Kennel Club, the Retrievers breed has been ranked as the top dog breed of 2020. 

The veterinarians suggest dog owners beware of most common pet health issues like – kennel cough, cataract, dietary issues, broken bones, diarrhea, heartworm, arthritis, ear infections, fleas, and ticks. Such pet health problems can be neglected with the help of maintaining a healthy diet for your pooch. If you are someone who has no clue about your pet’s health and how to keep it, then here are some practical and easy ways for you. 

Pet’s diet – A major concern 

Your pet cannot decide the diet, so you are supposed to take the initiative and plan the best for your puppy. If your four-legged friend is not going to complain about the diet offered, it does not mean you will take it lightly. Diet can leave a significant impact on the health and overall mental well-being of your pet. Therefore, keep a note of everything possible. 

Tip 1 – No more marketing; pay heed to lab tests 

Your pet’s health has nothing to do with fun advertisements. Therefore, make sure you do not rely on good promotions and promotional events to give your pet the nutrient values they deserve. Rather check for the lab-tested dog food items which ensure the best benefits for the pet’s health. Learn to read the product labels before buying them. Besides this, evaluate the complete series of ingredients, check them over Google or consult with a veterinarian. This one basic step can save your pet from several health issues. 

Tip 2 – Serve fresh food 

Freshly cooked food and fruits come with a bunch of live enzymes and add a new dimension to the health of your four-legged friend. Rare people know that whole food encompasses valuable fiber, improving digestion and encouraging healthy pooping habits in pets. There are times when many nutrients are destroyed in the cooking process while creating shelf-stable eatables. As a result, many non-lab tested brands often brand synthetic nutrient supplements, which may seem like a million-dollar deal initially but end up causing severe health issues. 

Unlike the other synthetic eatables for pets, whole foods are enriched with easier absorption. Moreover, many types of research have proven that whole foods are highly safe and healthy food items for dogs of all ages. But at the same time, you being a responsible pet owner, must avoid giving specific vegetables and fruits to your pet. Some of the most common examples are – broccoli isn’t a good source of energy for pets, whereas its stem works amazingly for your pooch. Similarly, beetroot is not considered an ideal choice for pets, but it leaves work as a healthy munching for dogs. Therefore, prefer to keep it a blend of different vegetables and fruits that acts as a wholesome diet for your pooch. 

No matter what you plan to feed your little notorious four-legged friend, make sure to consult a veterinarian before eliminating or amending anything in their diet chart. 

Tip 3 – Feed antioxidants 

Inflammation is one of the major reasons for disease and health issues in dogs. Therefore, it is necessary to fight back all factors ending up in inflammation. That’s why veterinarians recommend buying the best dog food with high amounts of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation issues in dogs lead to premature aging, weaker bones which make the lives of pets miserable. 

This is the reason veterans suggest avoiding processed foods that inherit inflammation developing components. Moreover, dogs are at high risk of developing arthritis and pancreatitis due to processed foods. Whenever choosing the best dog food, make sure to check its inflammation property and concentrate on making it a healthy meal for your pooch

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Tip 4 – Make use of organic eatables 

When you have decided to feed your pooch quality vegetables and fruits, why not go for organic ones? We are encouraging organic fruits and vegetables because non-organic eatables are modified and sold under no-labeling laws. This increases the risk factor for dogs the most. For this, you can get insights into GMO issues that speak about the food grading aspects in detail. 

Tip 5 – Say NO to gluten 

Every dog owner has experienced smelly poops and farts of their four-legged buddy once for sure. Apparently, this is because of the gluten content available in pet foods. A dried corn-made ingredient is mostly added to many pet foods to neglect inferior and unstable fat building elements. However, it may show some progressive results in your pet’s health in the initial stage, but sooner or later, the pet tends to experience its worst effects in the form of kidneys and liver straining. 

Moreover, the corn-made gluten can damage your pooch’s organs while making it worse for the pet to survive for long. This is the reason GMO corn is often seen missing in quality pets’ food. 

Tip 6 – Add MCT oil to the diet chart. 

Many of you may be considering it a pet-specific product or term. But as soon as you get used to looking after your pup’s diet, you will understand its importance in your pet’s diet. Unlike other vegetable and animal fats, the MCT oil works amazingly well for a pet’s health. It contains a string of medium-chain fatty acids. It helps to lose weight, empowers the pet’s brain, lowers down the blood and sugar levels, reduces inflammation, and much more. 

The final thought

Just like human babies, canines deserve and desire care too. And that’s when you, as a responsible pet owner, should take all necessary steps to keep your four-legged friend in good shape. So, brace yourself and let your pets discover your love for them.

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