Trackimo: A Great Way to Track and Protect Your Pet

Trackimo Review

Trackimo currently offers a GPS tracker for pets. Is this product a worthwhile purchase? Let’s look at the odds of your needing GPS for your pets. After that, we’ll assess whether Trackimo’s tracker will meet those needs.

Some Stats on Lost Pets

At first, the idea of a GPS pet tracker might seem ridiculous to some dog and cat owners. After all, it’s not like their wild animals or anything. Why spend money on a product like GPS when their kitties and pooches are perfectly safe as they are?

Actually, the odds of dogs or cats getting lost are pretty high. Not only that, far too many pets get lost in the US each year and are never found.

According to research, more than 30% of all pets will get lost in the course of their lifetime. Happily, nearly all lost pets make it back home if they have ID tags. The flip side of the coin’s pretty grim, though: 90% of pets who get lost and don’t have IDs never return.

Research has also shown that 15% of all pet dogs and cats in the United States are lost each and every year. In the case of dogs, that percentage translates to about 12 million. For cats, that’s about 13 million.

With such grim numbers in mind, the importance of keeping track of your pet becomes clear. And in many ways, Trackimo’s GPS pet tracker makes this easy to do.

Track Your Pet Anywhere and Anytime

The Trackimo tracker delivers information on a cat or dog’s location in real time. They work anywhere that has GPS and WiFi signals. This gives the tracker a major advantage over microchips, which only allow you to track animals within a certain range.

With a GPS dog or cat tracker, you can know for certain when your pet might be in trouble. For example, you could tell if:

  • Your dog got out of your backyard and picked up by animal control
  • Your pet’s wandering around in someone else’s yard
  • Your cat’s in an area where they could get hit by a car or motorcycle

Keeping Animals and People Safe

When considering whether or not to purchase Trackimo’s GPS pet tracker, it’s good to consider the company’s other products.

The company’s GPS technology has been successfully deployed by clients in a wide range of fields. Here are some examples:


Trackimo’s GPS technology has helped law enforcement, fire and rescue and other government agencies keep track both of their assets and their personnel. Their trackers have allowed these clients to:

  • Track vehicles, people and items while in the office or our in the field
  • Protect their important equipment from loss, theft or unauthorized use
  • Get vehicles and crews to emergencies or locations requiring service faster
  • Ensure that drivers are acting responsibly on the road
  • Instill a greater sense of accountability throughout their organizations
  • Avoid or resolve potentially damaging lawsuits
  • Save on fuel expenses and overtime pay

Oil Companies

Gas, oil and mining companies have all kept better track of their staff, cars, trucks and heavy equipment thanks to Trackimo’s trackers. Clients in these industries have:

  • Set up customizable alerts that let them know when vehicles leave or arrive at job sites
  • Ensured the safety of people working in hazardous areas
  • Monitored driving patterns and improved driver behavior

Delivery Drivers

When your business depends on fast, responsible deliveries, keeping track of drivers and vehicles is a top priority. Trackimo has helped delivery companies improve their operations dramatically:

  • They’re better able to assure customers that orders will arrive on time.
  • They’ve avoided cancelled orders, wasted products and lost revenue
  • They can know immediately whenever drivers need directions, get stuck in traffic or break down on the road.
  • They’ve prevented their vehicle from being stolen.

Trucking Companies

Trucking companies have benefitted significantly from Trackimo’s products too. These businesses have been able to set up alerts for:

  • When their vehicles start moving
  • When their trucks enter or leave a designated area
  • When drivers start going faster than they should

In short, Trackimo’s products haven’t just protect pets—they’ve protected people too. Because their trackers have done so well in so many different industries, it increases the chances of them keeping your dogs and cats safe.

Pros and Cons of Trackimo’s GPS Pet Tracker

Trackimo Pet Tracker Review

One slight shortcoming of Trackimo’s tracker is that it only works in areas with a GSM signal. If you don’t know what GSM is, it’s basically the technology that allows cell phones with SIM cards to work. This probably won’t pose too big a problem, however, since GSM is used all over the world. In fact, this could work to your advantage if you travel internationally with your pet.

Also, it doesn’t matter how many pets you have—Trackimo allows you to watch over all of them (so long as they have trackers, anyway). Their software allows you to see an infinite number of animals (theoretically). Obviously, this is a great benefit if you have a high number of cats and/or dogs in your home.

Other good things about the Trackimo pet tracker include:

  • Its lightweight design (it weighs just a little over an ounce)
  • Its small size (it fits in the palm of your hand)
  • A live GPS tracking map that lets you see what your pet’s up to (you check anytime from 1 minute to 2 hours)
  • Text/email alerts whenever your pet leaves an area that you designate
  • A battery that can last for 4 days before it needs recharging

Best of all, Trackimo doesn’t charge a lot for their GPS dog/cat trackers. They have a sale going on right now that knocks the trackers down to $139.99 each, which includes free GPS service for a year (it’s only $5 a month after that). Most owners would probably consider that a more than fair price to improve their pet’s safety.

Click here to order your Trackimo pet tracker today!


  1. Donna Reply

    Works on 3G GPS-GSM and gets mounted on my dog without worries. Customer support can respond to client’s concerns, even for issues that hasn’t been met by my friends.

  2. Theia Fischer Reply

    I”ve used them for months for my jumpy dog, he always “jumped” out of my geofence I’ve set in the Trackimo’s app and it notifies me. Great tracker and features! 🙂

  3. Jordan Clinton Reply

    I just recently have a dog and it’s waaaay too clumpsy and he always gets out of our house! Will try this tracker, thanks!

  4. Joe Reply

    I like to bring my dog when I go hiking and keep him off the leash so I needed to get a tracker that can monitor his location anytime so I got Trackimo. It really keeps my mind at ease knowing I can just check an app to find my pet.

  5. Tiffany Reply

    I have this device for 2 months now and its a totally worth purchase. I like how easy to use the app is and I can set up a virtual fence. I’d definitely recommend this to all pet parents.

  6. Ashley Reply

    Attached the device to the dog and ran it for a minute in giving intervals. It worked really well, unexpectedly!

  7. Jake Reply

    The features of Trackimo are quite great and they have the 3G device now, which is what I’m using to track my labrador retriever. I especially like the geofence features and movement alerts.

  8. Rily Reply

    Real Time Tracking – GPS and GSM provide instant, highly accurate current location and one year of history! And yes, works on my dog too.

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