Tried & Tested Tips To Handle An Anxious Dog

As a dog parent, you will understand that dealing with anxiety is perhaps the most challenging part of pet care. It stems from unusual reasons, from the fear of traveling, thunder, and firecrackers to the apprehension of being abandoned by their owner. The worst part is that you may not even notice the signs of anxiety or simply confuse them with aggression. If you ignore the condition for the long haul, the pet may fall sick and become hostile. However, canine anxiety is completely manageable if you are vigilant about symptoms and take early action. Here are some tried and tested tips to handle an anxious dog. 

Prioritize physical contact

Dogs love cuddling, hugging, and physical contact in any form. It makes them feel happy and secure. Conversely, your pet can fall prey to separation anxiety if you do not touch it often. Ensure you spend time with your canine companion and give it a long petting session every morning and evening. It is easy to ignore pets when you run short of time, but they deserve all the love and attention you can give.

Bond over exercise 

Dogs crave bonding, and the best way to bond with them is by exercising together. If you notice signs of anxiety, aggression, or stress in the pet, plan a daily exercise schedule with it. You get to spend time together, which makes the animal feel loved and secure. Physical activity boosts the production of endorphins, the feel-good hormones that relieve stress, just like in humans. Moreover, exercise vents excess energy, which helps with resolving anxiety. 


CBD for pet wellness has gained extensive popularity in recent years. It is safe, natural, and works on a wide range of canine medical conditions. You can read more about benefits of CBD for Dogs to understand how it can help treat anxiety naturally. The best part is that it is available in various forms. You can use a sublingual tincture or make your dog happy with CBD treats. There are even topical products if you want to sideline the complexity of ingestible dosage and administration. 

Soothe with music therapy

Music can do wonders for relieving canine anxiety. It relaxes and calms down the pet when you are at home or while traveling. You can play soothing music in the car to prevent the disturbance caused by traffic sounds. It also helps dogs who feel anxious due to the noise of a thunderstorm and firecrackers. Just play your pet’s favorite track and massage it gently. You will see it getting relaxed and comfortable in no time.


When nothing seems to work, try giving the dog some time-out. Just isolate it in a quiet and safe place where it can calm its frayed nerves. If there are children at home, educate them about canine behavior so that they can understand when the pet must be left alone. You can even install an aromatherapy diffuser in the dog’s space to make it more comfortable. The therapy works and gives lasting results. 

Canine anxiety is a treatable condition, provided that you act on time and use the right therapy. In most cases, you can handle it on your own. But getting a vet’s advice is vital if things do not seem to get better. 

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