Things to Consider Before Taking a Dog with You on Vacation

Taking your pet dog on vacation is always a fantastic experience.

Your dog is part of your family, so it makes sense to bring them along for the next family vacation, although it’s important to plan ahead to ensure things go smoothly.

While it was once a rarity to take dogs on vacation, there are so many amazing destinations that can be easily visited with your dog in tow.

In fact, many hotels, B&Bs, and campsites are now dog-friendly, allowing families and their dogs to enjoy an amazing time together.

The more planning you do before your vacation, the more comfortable and less stressful it becomes. Here are some things to consider before taking a dog on holiday with you:

What type of transport are you using?

Dogs can accompany you on virtually any method of transport, be it a plane, train, or automobile, so it’s important to consider what type of transportation you should use.

Some destinations can only be reached by plane, but there are instances where you can choose between driving yourself, flying, or grabbing a train.

Each method has their own advantages. For example, if your dog is okay with car travel, then it could be the best choice of transport to keep them comfortable and relaxed.

Of course, you will need to ensure that the vehicle is suitably prepared, but it may already be suitable if you regularly travel with them by car.

When it comes to flying, there are some important things to consider.

For example, airlines have their own rules regarding dogs and flying, so always make sure you research a suitable airline that can fly your dog comfortably, while additional fees may need to be paid for their transport.

Can you find suitable accommodation?

It should be easy enough to find pet-friendly accommodation, with the internet being one of the quickest ways to find options for your vacation.

There is a quite a variety when it comes to dog-friendly accommodation, such as B & B’s, campsites, and even some hotels and motels.

If your main goal of the vacation is to enjoy some time with your dog, then it may be a good idea to research places that offer amenities for dogs.

Even when you find a potential place to stay on vacation, always go over the rules to ensure there are no surprises when you arrive.

For example, some require you bring your own bedding, restrict where the dogs can be taken, or have limits on certain sizes and beds.

Try to choose accommodation that allows you to maintain your dog’s routine as much as possible.

Also, check to see what’s nearby, keeping an eye on things like dog parks, hiking trails, and other places you take your dog.

It’s essential that you know where the nearest vet or animal hospital when booking accommodation too.

Do you have a carrier suitable for travel?

Regardless of your choice of accommodation and transport, you will always require a suitable carrier for traveling with your dog.

We recommend the original Gorilla Grip Pet Carrier for Dogs which also comes with a free travel bowl. This is airline approved! It’s perfect for air, train and car travel.

While a more compact carrier is easier to travel with, be sure there is enough space for your dog to be comfortable, especially for long bouts of travel.

Your dog needs enough space to stand, turn around, and lie with space to stretch, while also having room for water.

Should your dog not be used to a carrier, then it’s a good idea to introduce them to it before your vacation.

Letting them get accustomed to this is important to ensure they remain relaxed and aren’t anxious during travel.

Leave some treats, toys, and maybe their favorite blanket inside a carrier to get them used to it initially.

Are they medically safe to travel?

It’s always important to think about your dog’s health before taking them on vacation.

So, always take them to the vet for a check-up to ensure everything is okay, identifying if there is any medication they may require during a vacation.

Also, take the time to get routine treatments before you plan a vacation, getting all the necessary vaccinations and shots.

Flea and worm treatments are an important one, while you will want to get them microchipped if they aren’t already.

Do have all the necessary supplies?

Just like we need our vacation supplies, so do does a dog.

For the most part, it’s nothing out of the ordinary, as you will have most of the stuff on hand, such as food, bowls, medication and treatments, grooming supplies, leash, and collar, etc.

However, there are likely some supplies you don’t have and will want to bring.

For instance, sun block for pets is a good idea if you’re going somewhere sunny, while a travel first-aid kit for pets will also be necessary.

You may want to grab a collar with precise contact info in case they go missing.

Write down a checklist of supplies you have and look for anything significant that is missing.

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