The Ultimate Guide to Dog Cleaning and Grooming

Ultimate Guide to Dog Cleaning & Grooming

Dogs are one of the most faithful and friendly creatures because they share our lives in such a way that others can’t. For centuries they have been loyal friends of humans, and are always eager to please you in any way possible. Many dog owners assume that their responsibility is only limited to providing the dog with a nutritious diet and regular health check-ups by a veterinarian. But the most crucial factor that is sometimes ignored by the people is the proper grooming and cleaning.

Grooming your dog is not tough, and it can be done easily in the home. If you don’t know how proper grooming a dog is done, then following this guide will be helpful in saving you both money and time.

Why is grooming necessary?

Just imagine if you don’t take a bath for months, and don’t brush your teeth regularly. Only thought of these scenarios will make you feel miserable. Same goes for the dog. Without proper grooming, your dog will be prone to infection, which is why you have to take the initiative and take this task at hand.

Here are a few reasons why it is necessary to groom your dog:

dog grooming in robe
  1. Healthier skin

To rejuvenate the dog’s skin and coat, simple grooming or brushing is necessary. Regular grooming action allows the dog’s coat healthy and considerably improves the blood flow to the skin.

  1. Improved hygiene level

To prevent your dog from developing a foul odor, regular cleaning which is also a part of grooming is essential. Similarly, it is also important that the surroundings of your house should be completely hygienic.

  1. Monitor your dog’s health

Regular grooming of your dog will allow you to monitor the irregularities, rashes, or bruises of any sort to light. In this way, you will be able to detect any problem early and treat it completely.

  1. Enhances loving bonds

To attain a special bonding between you and your pet, grooming with attention is a must. This solely contributes to both your pet’s physical and mental well being.

How to make your pet get used to grooming?

Pet grooming practice

Many dogs may not like grooming at first, which is why making it like it is essential. If you want the grooming sessions effective and harmonious, you will need to learn the proper way. There are a few things which are required to be followed:

  • The best way is to groom your dog is when it is a puppy. Grooming your dog in its early stages will make him accustomed to your inspecting its nails, mouth, toes, legs etc.
  • It is advised that the grooming sessions are small because the dog tends to get bored often.
  • The grooming sessions should not be rushed in any way, as the dog may resist it. The idea is to familiarize the dog with various grooming tools so that he doesn’t resist. In addition to this, you can offer favorite treats to your dog and never rush into grooming him. You can also use Poodle Clippers for your pup.
  • Schedule the date of the grooming to make him accustomed. As the dog gets fully accustomed to the schedule then slowly increase the length of the sessions.
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How to give a bath to your beloved pet?

giving dog a bath

Merely putting your dog in a tub of water mixed with soap isn’t enough. The right kind of stuff is needed to ensure that the toiletries including the size of the tub are appropriate for the dog. It is not recommended to use a general shampoo because this may lead to the dry, scaly, and itchy skin which may result in an allergic reaction. You can use an oatmeal shampoo a rinsing tool, including a towel.

Here are the step by step instructions to give your dog a perfect bath:

  • It is essential to keep everything ready before bathing him because it may be difficult to get them in the middle of the bath.
  • Using a slicker brush is best to remove tangles from the dog’s coat since they may get worse over time.
  • You shouldn’t force your pet into the bathtub, but let it enter by itself. You can also allure him by giving treats.
  • You should let the dog get used to the sensation of water as he enters the tub. Don’t pour the water instantly but slowly soaking the head gently. Gradually apply the shampoo when he is wet. You can either use a sponge or do it with your bare hands. The point is to rub all the lather and simultaneously cover all the body regions with it.
  • After a thorough cleansing, put the towel and continue to dry its coat to remove all traces of water. You can also blow dry its hair if possible.

In conclusion grooming and cleaning your beloved dog is very essential. The tips mentioned above will help your dog to feel fresh and prevent him from any potential disease.

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