The Facts About Dog Foods

Dog food is simply food intended and specially formulated for consumption by canines and other domesticated dogs. The most common food types for dogs are kibble or canned food. Dogs are typically considered to be omnivorous with a tendency towards carnivory. Like people, they also need food rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. These nutritional requirements of the dog are fulfilled by commercially available dog food brands.

dog food

Meat based dog food is particularly recommended for active dogs because it contains high levels of protein. Protein is essential in providing the building blocks of muscles, tissues and bones for healthy and strong dogs. Carbohydrates are also needed for energy. However, unlike humans, dogs do not have the ability to process sugar and therefore must get their daily source of carbohydrates from meat. For this reason, breaded chicken, steak, mutton, lamb and duck are some of the best choices for active dogs.

Another nutrient that is found in good dog food brands is vitamin B12 or cod liver oil. Cod liver oil contains vitamin B3, an essential nutrient that helps maintain the health and wellness of the heart and brain. Cod liver oil also contains selenium, another nutrient important to protect the body from bacteria that can cause diseases like cancer. As a result, always make sure your dog has a healthy supply of vitamin B3.

Chicken dog food is another popular variety used by pet owners around the world. This is because chicken is one of the leanest meats available. It provides the dogs with the necessary protein to keep them energetic and healthy. Chicken dog food also contains necessary fatty acids that can help maintain the health and wellness of the heart.

Healthy and robust brain function is dependent on vitamins, minerals and nutrients including selenium and vitamin B12. Fish oils provide essential fatty acids, as well as vitamin E. Since brain function is affected by antioxidant compounds, you may want to consider fish oils as a source of the fatty acids mentioned. However, if the brain function of your dog is threatened due to diseases like dementia, then it’s best to give your dog food rich in vitamin E and selenium. Another nutrient to look out for is zinc, which has been shown to have positive effects on memory, mood and attention span in pets. In fact, zinc is so effective that it’s been included in some prescription dog foods as well.

There are certain types of dog food that contain meat as the first ingredient. This should be avoided since this may aggravate canine bad breath. Other ingredients commonly found in dog foods include vegetables and fruits. While vegetables and fruits may be good for your dogs, they may not provide enough essential nutrients for good brain function. Also, most fruits contain sugar, which is not good for dogs.

Some dog food companies use fillers in their products. These may include preservatives or colorants. Most dogs don’t seem to notice ingredients except to notice that they are of a strange color. Common fillers include bromine and saccharin. Stay away from ingredients such as aspartame as it can cause neurological issues and brain damage in pets.

It’s important to note that although dog foods are made for different purposes, there are specific foods that should be given to active dogs. If you don’t give your dog the necessary vitamins and nutrients, then it could result in health issues. For example, the dog food for working dogs should contain enough protein and fats for energy. Likewise, healthy dogs require fatty acids. Make sure that the ingredients listed in dog foods are suitable for your pet’s needs.