The Difference Between Dry and Wet Dog Foods

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The Difference Between Dry and Wet Dog Foods

Dog food is basically food designed and prepared specifically for the consumption by canines and other related canine species. Dogs are often regarded as omnivores with an almost carnivorous tendencies. They eat both meat and plant material, depending on the availability in their particular environment and the degree of love and trust that they have for their owners. Like humans, dogs are known to show affection for those members of the family who are willing to spend time with them. As loyal and faithful companions, they strive to protect their masters, especially when these masters are very young and at times unprotected.

In terms of nutrition, dogs are actually quite healthy and don’t require special dog food or dietary supplements for good health. The only requirement for a healthy and fully developed body is a sufficient intake of the essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. However, the modern day diet of dogs consists primarily of manufactured foods, which are significantly low in nutrition and rich in carbohydrates and fat. Canine nutrition should concentrate on foods containing high amounts of carbohydrates and protein to provide energy for the dog’s performance and to enhance his immune system. High levels of blood clotting capacity as well as the ability to efficiently utilize the available nutrients in his body are also factors that should be considered when feeding dogs.

Most commercial dog foods today are made from either processed or live (conventional) dog food. While commercial products usually contain meat, the most common ingredients are grains, seeds, and potatoes or rice. The reason behind this is that meat is the cheapest source of nutrients yet is also the least nutrient dense of all these. It is thus more affordable to use meat as the main ingredient of wet food compared to using vegetables or fruits. This is why most commercial dog foods have meat as a primary ingredient.

Although commercial dog foods do contain various kinds of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, many owners do not know that it is also important to add protein to their dogs’ diet. Many conventional dog foods lack protein because they use by-products and chemicals to preserve them. These chemicals and by-products are detrimental to dogs’ health because they slowly break down the dogs’ muscles and organs leading to deterioration of their health. On the other hand, natural dog foods contain meat or bones that are high in protein and can keep dogs stronger.

In addition, it is important to read the labels of commercially prepared dog foods because the preservatives and colors used are sometimes questionable. Some preservatives commonly added to dry dog food include dyes and flavorings that are harmful to dogs. In addition, some artificial preservatives and colors are adding to dry dog food to extend its shelf life. However, you should always read the label to ensure that it does not contain harmful ingredients.

In spite of all these, natural dog food still has more benefits than commercially prepared ones. One of the benefits is that natural dog food does not contain chemicals and additives that you should avoid. This means that you are not introducing harmful ingredients into your dogs’ diet. Another advantage is that natural dog food is cheaper than commercially prepared ones. The reason for this is that natural ingredients are not as expensive as chemicals and additives.

It is important to make sure though that you read the label of any dry dog food you buy. What you need to look out for are fillers like corn or wheat that are used to give kibble a thicker consistency. Also, you should avoid feed grade ingredients like poultry and beef because these ingredients are too big to be able to be used in kibble form. Feed grade ingredients are only used in canned dog food.

Natural dog foods also lack harmful chemicals and additives, but they also lack essential nutrients. A good example of an essential nutrient is vitamin A, which is found in carrots, spinach, yellow squash, and apricots. Vitamins like this are only found in real, fresh fruits and vegetables. If you want your pet to have strong bones then you should feed him beef bones because they contain essential calcium. If you want your dog to grow strong muscles you should give him regular strength-training dog foods because these foods contain the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.