The Best Way To Go Hiking With A Cat To Enjoy The Journey

You wouldn’t be the first pet owner to wonder if you can take your cat hiking. You absolutely can! But, you’d need the correct gear, patience, and the right tips. In this article, we’d provide you with a few tips to help you and your cat enjoys this amazing journey.

What are your Cat’s Interests?

While most cats are highly inquisitive and would enjoy regular hiking trips, you must be sure that your cat isn’t totally disinterested in the outdoors. By studying, observing your cat, and taking her out on short trips down the road, you’d learn about her likes and disinterests. You’d also know if going on a hiking trip with your favorite pet is a good idea!

Choose the Right Cat Hiking Gear

A hiking trip is only as enjoyable as your level of preparation – especially when you’re going along with your cat. The right hiking gear for your cat should include her backpack, carrier, tracking collar, a cat harness & long leash, as well as collapsible food and water dishes. Make sure your cat is familiar with these gear before your trip.

Get a Cat Harness

Your choice of a cat harness is very essential when going hiking. The harness should fit securely around your cat – not too tight, yet firm enough so your cat doesn’t slip out of it. When tired of carrying your cat in a backpack, or when you’d like your cat to walk on the hiking trail, take out the harness and use it. Because it takes a while for a cat to get used to wearing a harness, introduce its use gradually. Do not force your cat to remain in a harness for longer than she’s comfortable, as this might create a negative association with the harness. 


A Cat Backpack is Essential 

Carrying your cat in a backpack helps with easy transportation while keeping your cat safe. Even better, get a clear cat backpack for your hiking trip, as this helps your cat enjoy the serenity of the environment while staying in a safe backpack. 

It is recommended that you buy a backpack that’s wide enough for your pet to lie down comfortably. Even it’s in the carrier, keep your cat on a leash at all times and make sure another end of the leash is connected to the bag, or in your hand.

Allow your Cat Explore 

If you’re used to trekking with dogs, be prepared for a completely different experience with your cat. Instead of walking alongside like many dogs are trained to do, cats like to move slowly and explore their surroundings. After confirming that the hiking route is pet-friendly, enjoy the peaceful walk with your cat!  


Finally, you must always be prepared while hiking with your cat. While the great outdoors can be so lovely, it can still be dangerous for your cat. Wild animals and other hikers’ pets are just a few of the potential dangers you should be aware of!

Regardless, you should enjoy every moment with your cat, you could even document it by taking a lot of pictures. There you go- enjoy your hiking trip!

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