Study Finds Relationship Between Anxiety Disorders and Persistent Cannabis Use in Dogs

Cannabis use is becoming very popular for its increasing benefits in aiding various problems like leukemia, anxiety, depression, appetite and so on.

The medical use of marijuana has been legalized in various areas to help people cope up with their day to day stress.

But, this becomes complicated in the case of dogs.

The use of medical cannabis in dogs is unclear, and thus we need to dig deeper to understand it.

Veterinarians are not allowed to prescribe marijuana, even though they believe that CBD can help cure many ailments in dogs like anxiety, lack of appetite and so on.

However, the law does not give the freedom for the veterinarians to allow them to make use of cannabis.

Dr. Rob Siler’s book: Medical Marijuana & Your Pet: The Definitive Guide, has been trying to educate people on how using cannabis benefits, as well as the restrictions and risks associated with it.

He claims that you don’t have to make your pet feel the ‘high.’

You should instead aid him with the supplement with lesser amounts of THC in it which doesn’t make the pet feel, the unnecessary intoxication.

Silver feels that dogs should be provided with cannabidiol as it is a tincture, which simply works as a medication.

He explains that dogs should be given hemp and not marijuana.

Dogs may not react very well to CBD. Thus hemp is a much safer and viable option. T

he products like hemp protein powder, milk, etc. are just the right fit to be given to the dogs which barely have a 0.3% THC content in it.

At this level, it is found to not cause any stoning effect.

How CBD helps

One of the main reasons why CBD is used is to control the dog’s behavior and reaction to certain situations.

Some dogs are very hyper and thus to soothe them down, we can provide them with a low dosage of CBD.

Cannabinoids are also found to be effective in calming the brain and treating for other seizure disorders.

Though it may not be an absolute solution for them, it will certainly help in dealing with them.

CBD has several therapeutic applications on the human beings, and thus it may work in the case of dogs as well.

It may help to post-traumatic stress disorder.

However, there is no significant proof to gain a clear understanding on this.

Another major reason why CBD is used is to help control pain.

There is a lot of evidence that clearly states that CBD is a great way to ease the pain.

It has been found that CBD has the potential of even treating cancer pain, and thus we can figure out that it is also useful in minimising other types of pain as well.

CBD has proved to be helpful in nursing other ailments too like arthritis, compromised immune systems, stress responses, aggression and digestive issues.

Other studies reveal that it is also useful in handling diseases like diabetes, cancer and organ diseases.

Researchers and veterans have also found out that CBD hemp is also effective in bone breaks, torn ligaments, strains, sprains and even after operative care like stiffness, pain, and swelling.

CBD hemp has been found to have no specific side effects, taking a note that it is only taken at a low dosage.

Effect and safety

CBD is not found to have an immediate effect on the body.

It requires a little patience to be able to show its therapeutic abilities.

It may work fast in some conditions like pain, whereas it may take up to several days in the case of other ailments like inflammation.

When it comes to the safety, it is found to be quite risk-free.

Your pet may feel drowsy, but it’s not something to bother about as it happens in the case of other medications too.

In very few cases, dogs may be repellent to the use of cannabis.

The pet may vomit a lot, feel a lot of itchiness and get irritated.

If you feel that your dog is incurring any of these symptoms, you can stop giving him cannabis after that.


The dose may vary from one dog to another; it should always be taken in less quantity.

Just make sure that the dog gets the right quantity of cannabis.

The dose may be increased after some time, until and unless you don’t see the dog suffering any side effects.

If the overdosing happens, the dog may suffer problems like sedation, vomiting, disorientation, and hyperactivity.


Legislators are trying to make the cannabis use legal for pets for therapeutic purposes.

There have been more and more researchers trying to discover the potential benefits of cannabis for pets. 

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