Is A Siberian Husky Right For You?

Have you been looking for a new fur baby but can’t decide which spectacular breed to go with? Do you dream of doggos jumping through open fields of flowers with you, but see 1,000 different pictures in your head? If so, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Welcome to the world of the majestic Siberian Husky (as presented by a fun info-graphic)!

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Siberian’s are purebreds. This means that you can trace Huskies back to their original, natural source in Siberia. Moreover, a lot of people say purebreds actually have fewer health issues than non-pure breeds. And that means less expensive trips to the vet!

If you’re planning for the future, Siberian Huskies usually have a lifespan of 11-13 years. So be sure to make sure your Husky’s life is a healthy one, filled with love, energy, and a good diet.

And speaking of diet, Siberian Huskies eat both dry and wet food as well as raw food, leaving you a lot of options to choose from. Most likely, your food bill for your fur baby will be between $45 and $50 monthly.

Oh yeah, something else you should know… Huskies LOVE to exercise. So don’t make them wait 30 minutes after eating before jumping in the pool, because really, they just want to play all the time.

These majestic animals are great playing with kids, other dogs (and some cats), and even strangers!

Your Husky’s think coat will be a beautiful cream, silver, black, white, or even sometimes red. And weighing on average from 45-60 pounds, there’s a whole lot of loving for you to enjoy.

To sum it up, Siberians are friendly, intelligent, yappy (adorably yappy), playful, loving, sociable, good-natured, beautiful, loyal, and best of all, affectionate.

And if you’ve decided that a Siberian Husky is right for you and want to learn more, check out our fun article on Everything You Need to Know About The Siberian Husky Breed.


  1. Gretchen Bolster Reply

    I have a mix, but her husky side is dominant. We live in a tiny home and it’s tough. When we adopted her, we had yard and 3bdrm house. Had we known small house was our future I wouldn’t have picked husky. But now she’s our love. She is six and finally calming down some. Lots of walks and toys.

  2. Angela Odle Reply

    Our husky is 10 yo & has gone to doggy day care 3 days/wk since she was 6 months old & still requires a good walk on the days she doesn’t go to day care. We’ve basically spent a college tuition on doggy day care & we’d do it all over again for her. She’s the best dog ever.

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