Baby Huskies

23 Reasons Why Siberian Huskies Are the Best Dogs EVER!!!

Reason #13 – They’re super smart!

smart husky

Reason #14 – They’re the best guard dogs!

husky guard dog

Reason #15: They provide free remodeling for your house.

husky meme

Reason #16: They love the snow!

husky playing in the snow

Reason #17: They’re the best workout partners.

woman runner with her huskies

Reason #18: They’re so loving and sweet.

brown huskies smiling

Reason #19: They’re excellent listeners…. Most of the time.

husky tilting head

Reason #20: They look awesome wearing sunglasses.

tongue out husky with sunglasses

Reason #21: They love head massages just as much as we do.

husky getting a head massage

Reason #22: They’re great with kids.

baby sleeping with husky

Reason #23: But most importantly, they’re just awesome. What else can we say?!?

husky puppies


  1. AvatarCathrine Reply

    My husky Banditt is the best dog I’ve owned by far he listens so well and is smart as a whip I wouldn’t have it any other way!?

  2. AvatarProtecter Reply

    BC your husky is a terrible guard dog but mine is not trained but they still follow orders like sit lie down and stop they also bark at imcoming ppl

  3. AvatarKevin Reply

    I’ve had 3 huskies in my life. My first two would have been terrible guard dogs because they were extremely friendly to strangers. My current husky (currently 7 years old) is the only one that ever barked/howled at strangers, but it’s a bark/bark/howl, that’s more comical than it is scary/threatening.

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