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23 Reasons Why Siberian Huskies Are the Best Dogs EVER!!!

To own a Siberian Husky is an incredible fun and unique experience. The abundance of hair, the adorable howls, the icy blue eyes that seem to stare into your soul, and the warm cuddles this furry friend gives you each night is the epitome of happiness.  As an ode to Huskies, we’ve compiled a list of 23 awesome reasons why Siberian Huskies are the best dogs EVER!

Reason #1 – They always want to play!

Reason #2 – They look super cute when they sleep

Reason #3 – They’re always photogenic!

Photogenic Husky

Reason #4 – They love to howl for no apparent reason!

husky puppy howling

Reason #5 – They Love to spoon in bed!

huskies spooning in bed

Reason #6 – Their eyes are GORGEOUS! Sometimes they come in two colors.

Husky puppy with beautiful eyes

Reason #7 – THEY’RE SO FLUFFY!!

fluffy husky

Reason #8 – They’re always curious

Curious husky

Reason #9 – They are pros at getting what they want… especially food! Who can say no to this face?!?!

Adorable husky

Reason #10 – They’re always happy and smiling!

happy husky

Reason #11 – They have the ability to fit into small, awkward, spots.

awkward husky

Reason #12 – They’re really, really good lookin’!

beautiful husky


  1. AvatarCathrine Reply

    My husky Banditt is the best dog I’ve owned by far he listens so well and is smart as a whip I wouldn’t have it any other way!?

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