Planning A Vacation With Your Dog? Here Are 6 Tips For You!

Who doesn’t love a great family vacation, and wouldn’t it seem unfair if we leave our beloved dogs behind?

To our luck, these days it’s easier than ever to take the four-legged companions with us on relaxing holidays.

Every year there are more and more places around the world where they understand how to adequately accommodate a man’s best friend.

So if you are thinking of spoiling your dog with a vacation, you have to know, that the most important thing is planning ahead.

It can be a little difficult for first-timers to take a trip like this, so here are 6 tips to help you organize the perfect holiday with your pooch.

1. Basic Commands

Make sure your dog knows how to follow the basic instructions. Nobody wants to end up chasing after your pet.

Not only it’s embarrassing, but it can be dangerous. Sadly, not everybody loves and enjoys the company of these four-legged fur balls, so it is important you teach your pooch basic commands (such as sit, stay, come).

It will help you to gain more control over different situations.

2. List of Necessary Items

Think of what your dog will and might need on the trip.

Things like leash and water bowl are obvious but think about the things you cannot easily buy anywhere.

Does your dog need any medications? Is the pooch a runaway expert?

Photos of your dog can come in handy, in case he gets lost. When you are making this list, think of any emergency that could potentially happen.

3. Ring Before You Book

Don’t believe the “dogs allowed” sign on the website of the resort you wish to book. It may have expired, so give them a call to confirm.

Ask the questions about accommodating your pet.

Maybe your pooch has different needs, or maybe the hotel doesn’t allow for them to be left in the room unattended. Call them and check.

Otherwise, you will have to think about getting a sitter for the time your pooch can’t accompany you on your adventures.

4. Visit the Vet and Groomer

Before you leave, it is only smart to have your dog checked out. Make sure he is well groomed and think a little bit ahead.

You may encounter other furry animals, which carry fleas or worms, so make sure you have good pet insurance in case treatment is necessary.

It is also strongly recommended to have them microchipped.

5. Acclimatize

When you reach your destination, take a couple of hours to spend with your dog, before you start unpacking.

Take him for a walk around the neighborhood, so he can get to know the place.

It will benefit you later on because the pooch won’t feel so stressed in the new surroundings.

6. Your Dog’s Safety Comes First

You’re on vacation, the bags are unpacked, and your dog is happily wiggling with the tail.

It would be easy to switch off now and enjoy. But you have to remember; your pooch is depending on you. Stay alert to the unknown surroundings such as hazardous paths and unmarked cliffs.

The danger can be just around the corner, and you have to know when and where to put your dog on a leash.

Spending holidays with your family and your pooch can be a great time.

But for your dog’s well being, do not let your guard completely down.

Plan in advance and tend to the pooch’s needs properly and the vacation can and will go without complications.

This post was contributed by Pete Decker, the Lead Editor at The Goody Pet. Pete loves to share his passion for pets through snippets of interesting and helpful information. You can find more of Pete at his website, Twitter or Facebook.

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