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Do you know what’s in your dog’s food? A lot of pet parents have no idea what is actually in the food they are feeding to their pup. It’s essential to feed your dog a food that is good for them to keep them healthy. A lot of veterinarians recommend feeding your dog a diet of fresh food over processed kibble. 

Tired of Processed Kibble?

Processed dog foods are often full of artificial ingredients and preservatives while lacking essential nutrients your dog needs. While there are many dog food manufacturers on the market that claim to provide healthy nutrition, you can’t always tell which ones are the best by simply reading the label. If you want to make sure your dog is getting the very best, you’ll have to do some research.

Ollie is an excellent example of healthy food for your dog. Read on to find out why. 

Ollie Ingredients with Dog

What Makes Ollie Different than Other Dog Food Brands? 

Ollie is a pet food company set to revolutionize the pet food industry with its healthy, fresh, custom-made meals for dogs that work just like the increasingly popular meal-prep food services for people. 

Tons of dog food manufacturers have begun offering both fresh food and frozen food options for your dog. So, what set Ollie apart? Ollie’s model takes this basic concept a step further by offering customized meals using personalized information about your dog to create the perfect meal plan for your pet. Ollie will use information about your dog, such as age, breed, and activity level, to calculate your pup’s daily caloric requirements and match the right type of food for their needs. 

To get started, you’ll need to complete your dog’s online profile to get your dog’s best diet match. Ollie dog food comes in chicken, beef, turkey, and lamb options. The food comes to your home fresh every two weeks. 

Ollie Dog Delivery

How Much Does Ollie Cost?

The price ranges from about $3 dollars per pound to $6 dollars per pound, depending on your dog’s caloric needs. The cost is understandably higher than the cost for your average processed kibble. Surprisingly, the price is a lot lower than many of the other premium dog food brands on the market. Some of the competition charges up to $15 dollars per pound. 

There are a lot of new premium and specialty dog food brands popping up on the market. Healthy dog food is becoming a popular choice for many pet parents over traditional processed kibble meals. Unlike a lot of competitors, Ollie offers customized, nutritionally balanced meals tailored to your individual pet’s needs. 

Other dog food brands may offer healthy ingredients, which is excellent. However, Ollie does more. Ollie offers nutritionally balanced, wholesome ingredients in appropriate portion sizes personalized for your dog. When you purchase Ollie dog food, you will get customer feeding guidelines to help your dog get accustomed to a healthy mealtime routine. 

Ollie Ingredients

Where Does Ollie Food Come From?

Ollie partners with a veterinary nutritionist to help them formulate meals that are well-balanced with the right type and amount of nutrients according to AAFCO standards. The fresh food gets cooked in small batches in Ollie’s USDA regulated kitchen and hand-packed right here in the USA. 

Ollie’s food is all made with whole human-grade ingredients sourced from highly reputable farms in the US and Australia. All of Ollie’s suppliers are required to complete an extensive certification process before they can partner with Ollie. All of the beef, chicken, turkey, fruits, and vegetables come from farms in the US. Lamb comes from farms in both the US and Australia. All meat used is USDA-certified. 

No Recalls on Ollie Dog Food!

The AAFCO and the USFDA set health, safety, and quality standards for pet food. Ollie gets tested by the AAFCO and has never had a recall of any of its pet food. Ollie attributes this prefect record to their careful sourcing strategy for healthy ingredients and watchful oversight into the entire manufacturing and distribution process.

What Kind of Dog Food Does Ollie Sell? 

Recipe Bowls Meat Ollie

Ollie meals come in four variants formulated by a veterinary nutritionist to ensure your dog’s complete nutrition. All four of the options focus on a premium source of animal protein, supplemented by nutritious ingredients like fresh fruits and veggies. Each variant starts with one of the four protein sources (chicken, beef, turkey, or lamb). 


Lamb is the recipe our dog tried out because he is allergic to chicken and beef. The grain-free lamb recipe contains fresh lamb and lamb liver. This antioxidant-rich recipe includes superfoods such as cranberries, kale, and butternut squash. 


The beef recipe features fresh beef, beef heart, and beef kidney. This recipe also contains carbs like peas, potatoes, and sweet potatoes that are easy on your pup’s digestive system. 


The chicken recipe contains fresh chicken, gizzard, liver, and fried eggs. Additionally, this protein-packed recipe has veggies like carrots and peas. 


The turkey recipe has fresh turkey breast and turkey liver. The turkey recipe does not contain any grains. This recipe does contain lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Our Dog’s Review for Ollie

It’s easy to say Ollie sounds excellent! However, the real test is if your dog likes it. Well, we tried it with our dog, and he loved it! We got the lamb for him because he is allergic to beef and chicken. His allergies make it difficult to find food he can eat in general. It was great to be able to choose something that was 100% free from the ingredients he is allergic to. 

Ollie Lamb

Final Thoughts on Ollie Dog Food

Ollie sets itself apart from other premium dog food brands as the only brand on the market that customizes your dog’s meal portions and ingredients based on veterinarian nutritionist recommendations for formula. Other premium brands are more expensive for healthy ingredients and do not tailor a meal plan specifically for your dog’s needs. Ollie is a great choice! 

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