New Apartment Pet Amenities You Don’t Know About

Apartments were never really constructed with pets in mind. In fact, the only real question renters had about particular rentals revolved around if the community accepted pets at all.

Cats are ok in small spaces for longer periods of time. But the same really cannot be said about dogs. They need to play, walk and run. Apartment communities have started to trend in a different direction today. Rather than simply offer a place to call home, they are now offering experiences to renters. And these experiences come in the form of brand new amenities and features that you probably haven’t considered before. Luckily for pet owners, some of the newest and exciting trends in rentals are pet related. Here are some of the newest items you can find in a city near you.

On-site Dog Park

Sure, your new apartment community might be close to a dog park or even have one across the street. But did you know that many complexes now have their own personal park just for residents and their pets that live in the community? This particular apartment pet park in Dallas, TX,  is made of astroturf. This is exciting for many reasons.

  1. Now pet owners won’t have to walk their dogs on a leash. Pets don’t like being attached anymore to a leash than their owner enjoys it. There is something special about your dog being able to run and walk leash-free.
  2. Only tenants who live in the community are able to access the pet park. This means there is more space for you and your furry friends. Plus it is nice knowing that the other owners and their pets aren’t complete strangers. They do after all live in the apartment complex.
  3. Pets are able to release all that bound up energy they have been storing all day while their owners have been at work or in schools. And they get to play and frolic with their peers.

What’s even cooler than an on-site pet park. How about a rooftop dog park. Yes, they do exist, although they are very rare. Expect to find these latter ones in Downtown areas and in High rises.

Pet Washing Station/Wash Room

This is extremely underrated. What do almost all dogs have in common? The ability to get dirty just about anywhere. A washing station dedicated to your pet ensures that you won’t have to clean them up in your apartment or bathtub. Plus, these wash-rooms have all the equipment you need that makes cleaning up your pet so easy. These include water hoses, tables, and sometimes even makeshift tubs. Some really fancy communities will also feature pet spas.

Best of all, wash-rooms and spas won’t cost too much. They are very affordable and sometimes even included in your rent.

Dog Run

Not to be confused with a dog park, a dog run has the tendency to be much smaller than the park. However, it does tend to serve the same purpose. They usually allow adequate space for your dog to run and play.  Dog runs are typically in urban centers where there isn’t much space for parks. Dog runs are usually inside metro areas like NYC.  Some dog runs can encompass an acre. The dog parks that are part of apartment communities can be found in cities like Austin and Downtown Dallas.

Dog Pool

The Dog Pool

The absolute rarest pet amenity will be the doggie pool.  Probably not in your city, but they do exist. This apartment complex in Dallas, TX has a pool that is within a gated astroturf dog park. Pools are great because it allows your pet to cool off.  Your pet will have a blast while you conversate with the other tenants in your community. Dallas does get in the 100’s in the summer, so this pet amenity is surely ideal.

New apartments are really catering towards renters who desire the extra amenities that exist for themselves and their pets. Luckily for the tenants, the majority of these amenities are included in the monthly rent. Although most apartments are now charging monthly pet rent. But for the small fee, having the additional perks is well worth it. Keep your eyes peeled!

Aaron has lived with many pets (furry family members) for all of his life. Whether his family was taking in stray cats, babysitting adorable puppies for friends, or adopting goldfish from the local fair in town, Aaron has always had a passion for ensuring the care and well-being of animals all around and continues to write to promote their well-being today.

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