Natural Flea Remedies You Need to Try

The use of organic and all natural remedies for your pet’s ailment is not a new trend. In fact, as this blog post will explore, many of the treatments we examine can actually be traced back hundreds of years and the beauty of them is that they still work effectively today.

In this article we intend to look at natural flea treatments because whether we like it or not, flea infestations are a scenario that we are likely to have to encounter at one time or another as pet owners.

Although we’re definitely not ruling out high quality flea shampoos to treat your dog, we have found that using the natural treatments listed below alongside conventional methods can result in a double edged sword in your fight against fleas. This additional treatment means you can completely rid your dog of these pesky intruders and without making you wait any longer, here are three natural flea treatments you should try this year:

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an excellent alternative to traditional flea shampoos and perfect if your pet has particularly sensitive skin that reacts to certain ingredients in these products.

The most effective way to use coconut oil to combat fleas is to massage a small amount in to your pet’s coat right down to their skin. Once you have applied a healthy amount then run a flea comb through your dog and you will able to noticeably see how fleas stick to the comb because of this. This means you no longer can to helplessly look on as you watch countless fleas jump from your pooch on to your nearby furniture.

Neem Oil

Another extremely effective, natural alternative to fighting off fleas, neem oil is produced from the fruits and seeds of the neem tree so is 100% natural ingredients. To use neem oil to combat fleas you will need to mix a small amount of oil with water and ideally use a sprayer bottle to then apply this mixture to your dog.

You will find that the neem oil repels the fleas almost immediately and if you are worried about how your pet will react to the mixture you can choose to use a tiny amount of oil to begin and add more depending on the severeness of the flea infestation.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The third natural alternative to help ridding your pet of fleas may well be the most effective choice. Apple Cider Vinegar can be used in a variety of ways to fight off fleas, this includes mixing it with water and applying it via a spray bottle in the same way as neem oil, placing it bath water when you bathe your dog as well as placing small amounts in their drinking water.

Finding out what method is most effective for your pet will often mean trying each of them out slowly as some dog’s will prefer one method to another. For example some pets just don’t like the taste of apple cider vinegar in their water while others might not like being sprayed with the solution. If you do decide to spray your dog with the vinegar it is important to be careful not to spray too close to your dog’s face or eyes.

Apple cider vinegar works as natural flea repellant by making your dog’s coat an unpleasant place to reside meaning the pests don’t hang around for long. This also makes apple cider vinegar an excellent flea preventative to guard against any unwanted outbreaks.


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