Is Your Husky An Adorable Fur Baby Or A Devious Class Clown?

2 siberian huskies sitting on couch

Do you have an adorable Husky who’s smile sometimes means there’s trouble afoot and other times means there’s DEFINITELY trouble afoot?

Huskies are one species that seem to always get their way.

But they really only get away with so much because of just how cute and loveable they are. Be careful when saying no or refusing to play with these cute animals because they really don’t like being told no.For example, if you turn down a husky who wants to play and decide to watch TV or turn on the game instead, you may walk into your room later to find something like this:Husky surrounded by furYeah…that could be your pillow, blanket, sweater or even your girlfriend’s new stuffed teddy bear. It’s probably safer just to play for an hour or two. Plus, then you’ll be safe from chaos for another two, maybe three hours? And what’s the worst thing that could happen from playing with an adorable pup, right? Well, common symptoms of cute husky playtime include: not wanting to go home, not realizing their strength when jumping on or into someone, and the occasional meet another dog and never stop playing scenario. But don’t worry, all symptoms result in you smiling, laughing, and staying at the park until dawn.

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A fun and cute tidbit:

It doesn’t even matter if you’ve been out for a work-day or simply went to buy something from the store, your Husky will jump on you like he or she hasn’t seen you in months! Oh and be prepared, be very prepared. Because a jump from your furry friend who doesn’t know his or her own strength could easily knock you flat. We know it comes from a place of love and we’re always happy to return a Husky-Hug.Another adorable Husky trait is that they always know when you’re sad and could use a little pick-me-up. It’s probably part of their super secret husky powers. They’ll do something funny like stick out their tongue or roll over ten times in a row and make you laugh so hard that you forgot what you were ever upset about. This class clown never fails to get a laugh out of you because you are each other’s best friends and nothing will stop you two from smiling together. But be careful that after your pup cheers you up because they’ll feel like you owe them everything in the world – snacks, pets, your bed, you name it! And don’t ever leave your seat to get a snack. Because if you do:

  1. You and your pup both know that food will just end up on the floor or in their bellies anyways AND
  2. Your seat will be taken and, unfortunately, won’t be re-open for you until tomorrow (unless you try to take a seat in another room in which case that’s their seat too)

Better luck next time!2 siberian huskies sitting on couch
Wearing makeup today? Not possible with your Husky around. We’re pretty sure your Husky thinks your face is made out of candy. And as a result, your makeup sometimes looks more spread out than Ronald McDonald after walking outside in the rain. Oh and be wary of their Jedi mind tricks. Yeah, little-known fact, Huskies are all trained in the art of mind manipulation and persuasion. If they ask you to play fetch and you don’t reply by immediately picking up the ball or chew toy, you’ll get this stare coming at your with all the pressure in the world until you finally cave in!Siberian Husky curled up on couchAnd you may wonder why so many pigeons have begun running into the bottom of your windows. Well, we found the real culprit. We get it. Squirrels sometimes make us too press our cute noses against the glass for hours on end. Whether you just cleaned the windows or whether you just saw your Husky in the other room, somehow there will always be this adorable smushed up nose mark right against the glass. When you catch them in the act, though, the smile you’ll get and the amount of laughing that comes from you will just make everything worth it and make you want to adopt 10 more Huskies to always have an adorable smushed up nose, wherever you go!Husky face pressed against glass doorBut one thing is sure, all Huskies are definitely thieves…they’ll steal your heart 🙂 Only after getting a Husky will you stop and realize just how amazing life can be with a furry class clown who is always be your side through thick and thin.

Your Husky becomes your best friend.

And even though your furry friend may get you into trouble at times, may make your life harder at times, and may make some adorable messes for you to clean up. Your Husky always makes you smile, laugh, and enjoy life to the fullest. Want to learn more about Huskies? Click here to learn everything you need to know about Siberian Huskies. 

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Aaron has lived with many pets (furry family members) for all of his life. Whether his family was taking in stray cats, babysitting adorable puppies for friends, or adopting goldfish from the local fair in town, Aaron has always had a passion for ensuring the care and well-being of animals all around and continues to write to promote their well-being today.

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