How to Train Your Puppy

Dog training can be one of the most fun activities around. A mischievous dog will always find something to chew on and is a very powerful natural force of nature. To train a dog with effective dog training tips and manage chewed pups, you’d need something like having chew toys on hand all the time. You can get these at any pet store or online retailer specializing in dog supplies.

dog training tips

As dog training tips indicate, the first step is to gain your puppy’s respect and trust. It’s essential to establish early on that you’re in charge, that the puppy has to obey you, and that you are the pack leader. In order to accomplish this, it’s important to establish a routine and stick to it. Your puppy will have his own routine, so follow it or else your puppy’s respect and trust may not be established. This might even lead to some behavioral problems down the road. You don’t want to make your puppy believe that he can do whatever he likes when you tell him to “sit” or “come”.

The next dog training tips for puppy owners is to make sure you make your puppy’s meals at an appropriate time. If you feed your puppy table scraps or other food in the house or outdoor run, this will create a bad habit and your dog will soon be digging in his bowl for human food. As an alternative, whenever you take your puppy out, make sure to bring him to a designated area where a feeding station can be placed, and make sure to fill his dish with dog food (human food doesn’t attract dogs). This will help establish a feeding routine that goes hand in hand with the training. When puppy’s dinner is over, it’s time to take him back inside to finish off what he wants to eat.

Another of the most important dog training tips for puppy owners is to never punish your puppy for inappropriate behavior. Puppies will often times misbehave because they do not know any better, and as a result they get punished. This in turn makes them feel bad and they become more likely to do it again, and probably the next time around. So instead of punishing your puppy for every bad behavior, make sure to only get him disciplined when he really makes a mistake. Punishing him before he has learned what he shouldn’t do won’t help.

Make sure to provide your puppies with lots of different toys to play with. One of the best dog training tips for puppy owners is to buy puppies a soft dog chew toy. Puppies love to chew on things, and having a chew toy available whenever they want to play can help to keep them from chewing on things that are too hard or large for them to swallow. Soft toys are a lot less expensive than buying hard to swallow toys and they also provide your dogs with something to chew on that isn’t going to break your bank.

Another of the most important dog training tips for puppy owners is to try to figure out what is causing their excessive chewing. This is one of the hardest tips to follow, because puppies are never able to tell their parents why they need to chew on something. This means you have to try and find other ways of getting your puppies attention other than biting them. There are a few smell deterrents that you can try that have been proven to work very well.

Try to start your dog training tips for puppy owners right away, before they start to chew toys. You should try to get them used to the idea of sitting still for a long period of time, before they are allowed to run around, chase, and play. If you are having trouble getting your puppy to sit still for a long period of time, then you should try putting a treat in his hands, before you ever let them go outdoors. As I mentioned before, there are smell deterrents for puppies that you can purchase, so you should make sure that you are constantly making sure that they are not getting into any danger when you are leaving them with you.

The last tip that I will give you, is to make sure that you are using positive reinforcement when you are trying to train your dog. When it comes to stopping bad behavior, the old saying that dogs are machines that respond to stimulus is absolutely true. When you are trying to get your dog to do something that they don’t want to do, or to refrain from doing something bad, using positive reinforcement is the only way to go. Positive reinforcement just basically means rewarding your dog whenever they behave in a certain way, and they learn that by performing a certain action, they will get a reward.