How To Keep Your Dog Safe This Winter [While Keeping Them Active]

Despite your dog having fur all over, the cold winter months can still pose a threat for them. Dogs have many of the same needs that humans do when it comes to staying warm and safe from the effects of snow, ice, and cold. Winter is only a few weeks away, and some parts of the states have experienced blizzards, snow storms, and wind chills.

It’s crucial for you to be mindful of how you can keep your dog warm during the winter while keeping them active as well.

Here are some ways you can look after your dog during the wintry months:

Assess Your Dogs Limitations

You should assess your dog’s limitations before taking them out for a walk. If it’s snowy and/or below freezing, then canines with less fur may only tolerate a short walk around the neighborhood. However, dogs that are bred for the winter such as a Siberian Husky or Malamute will enjoy the cold walk. We recommend you use your best judgment.

Add Layers

Make sure your dog is warm enough to go outdoors. Depending on the breed and age of your pup, you may want to add an extra layer to keep them warm. This is very important for senior dogs that often have less muscle and fat to insulate them from the cold. Further, small dogs may not have much insulation as well. Dog Sweaters and Dog jackets will make walks or any outdoor play more safe and enjoyable for your dog, so they exercise outside longer.

If you live in a place where it rains or snows a lot, then we recommend purchasing a water-resistant dog jacket or raincoat for your dog.

Booties for Dogs

You may also want to look into Dog Shoes as well to protect their paws from salt, snow, sharp ice, or other chemicals found on the streets during the winter. You want to purchase shoes that grip well and fit your dog’s paws comfortably.

Dry Off Your Pet Completely After a Walk

Once you and your fur baby come back from any outdoor activity, dry them off completely and wipe off any street residue or ice buildup. You primarily want to focus on their paws. You can use a towel and, if they’re still wet, use a blow-dryer on a low heat setting. As you dry your dog, check their paws and other areas to make sure it is clean, dry and healthy.

Food Supplements

If you don’t already incorporate it into your dog’s diet, consider fish oil supplement to keep your dogs skin and coat healthy all winter. Omega-3 oil is also known to boost your dog’s immune system as well. The benefits to fish oil are endless for a dog.

Increase Calories

As the temperature drops, you can increase your dog’s food intake to make up for the lost heat. We recommend you consult your vet to determine how much to increase their food this winter.

Play Indoors

Lastly, you can always play indoors with your dog to keep them active. If your apartment is small, then tug is a fun game for your dog that also makes them exert a lot of energy, but doesn’t require a lot of space. Fetch is also a fun game for houses with long hallways, wide living rooms or stairs.

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