How to Deshed Your Dog – Here’s One of the Top Rated Husky Deshedding Tools


When was the last time you groomed your furry friend? Did you use a deshedding tool? If so, your husky probably lost SO MUCH FUR that a second husky seemed to have appeared out of nowhere! Deshedding a husky can be difficult so we’ve collected a ton of helpful grooming tips and tricks. Interested? Take a look!

Can you groom your own dog?

Yeah, definitely. Almost all dogs shed, and some substantially more than others. If you live somewhere where it gets hot during the summer, you know more than most that your furry friend can shed more than ice cream on a hot day, causing discomfort for your dog, allergies for you or your visitors, and fur EVERYWHERE!

How often should dogs be groomed?

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This amount ranges, depending on if you’re using a personal grooming tool, if you go to a professional groomer, and even on your city’s weather. If you’re using a personal tool, it suddenly becomes a lot easier to tell how often you need to groom your dog. If you go to see a professional groomer, they may be able to use special products to lessen the amount your dog sheds (for a pretty penny). And yep, you guessed it, in a hot environment your husky may require grooming almost daily.

How much does it cost to groom a dog by a professional?

If you want, you also have the option of going to get your husky professionally groomed. To give you an example, most groomers charge between $30-$90 depending on the size of your dog. Although this may not seem like a hefty price at first, your grooming appointments will quickly become more and more frequent with your bill piling up.

So what we personally do to combat going to the groomers frequently is purchase a small deshedding tool. These deshedding tools range in price and have a variety of functions. We’ve used everything from our own hands to high-end equipment. But finally, we have found one of our favorite deshedding tools for dogs!

So what’s one of the top-rated grooming tools for dogs?

After much deliberation, we’ve selected KING KOMB™’s deshedding tool as an absolute ‘must have’ to control fur on our pets, ESPECIALLY for huskies during the summer months.

We tried the deshedder now on both dogs and cats (sorry, we haven’t gotten around to horses yet), and are absolutely amazed by the results. Most deshedders we usually use have one of two problems. Either the deshedder doesn’t get nearly enough fur and it feels like we never did anything. OR, the fur is impossible to get out of the deshedder, making us claw or rip the fur out of the deshedder which is extremely time-consuming for something so simple.

King Komb Product Image

KING KOMB™ solves both of these problems wonderfully. Due to its retraction technology, all you do is groom your furry friend, retract the small shedding edges with a Jedi-saber like sliding button (yeah, it’s pretty cool), and all of the hair stays right there for you to pick up and throw out! Oh, and the edges even clean themselves which saves you a lot of time.

The deshedder is equipped with 51 perfectly sized rubberized bristles that remove allergy-triggering dander and any random leftovers from the floor on your dog’s fur. This feature also helps keep your Husky’s coat silky smooth.

The rubber bristles are soft so your furry friend never gets hurt, and sturdy enough for the perfect dermal stimulation of a healthy coat of fur. It’s also great for shampooing or massaging in essential or topical oils.

And one last thing to note!

If your dog is more high-energy than a toddler on the world’s biggest sugar rush, try one of these amazing CBD dog treats to calm your husky down. You can find some information on CBD doggy treats here.

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