How to Decorate Home with Animal-Inspired Elements

Do you love animals? If yes, then you know it will be fascinating to decorate the interiors with animal-themed décor ideas. Animal-themed décor gives you endless inspirational ideas. For instance, you can use a safari theme in the home.

Animal-themed décor is a classic home décor style, whether you decorate the foyer, bedroom, or dining room. Stylishly animal-inspired decorations catch the viewer’s eye immediately. It is a delicate balance between style and garish.

While searching for animal-themed decor ideas, choose some incredible artworks from framed prints to decals that you can peel easily. In addition, there are some astonishing decor styles on different household items like rugs, throw pillows, mats, and even curtains.

So, let us know more about these animal-themed décor ideas.

Safari Colors

African safari themes usually feature bold colors and patterns created by hand-blocked or hand-painted designs. These vibrant colors and patterns often carry to wall treatments and furniture upholstery.

Any rainbow color available will work in safari-style because of the diverse ecosystem of Africa. Jungles and rainforests offer an abundance of flowers and green plants in stunning jewel tones.

Rich neutral colors, such as caramel, tan, and gold convey the warmth of the deserts and plains. Animal prints are trendy in safari themes. You can use striking animal prints in small doses to create a subtle effect.

Forest Fantasy

Sometimes, the simplest way to decorate animal-themed interiors is to choose the appropriate wallpaper. For example, try an embellished and beautiful wallpaper filled with a furry forest theme. Then, add woven baskets and beige wood furniture to the room to compliment it. To top it, place some animal stuff-toys and décor items to create cozy and comfortable interiors. This is one of the best ideas to decorate the kid’s room in your home. Most kids especially girls love soft toys a lot.

Free-form Wall Art


Art is a primary form of self-expression. So, you have to choose the animal worthy of being in your wall decal throne. That means you can have any animal from water, land, air, or all of these in the wall tapestry and canvases.

Remember to keep the colors synchronized with the other items inside your room. Go for a bright large framed wall art design of animals. If you don’t have large wall art pieces, go for smaller art pieces to create a gallery wall. 

If you are a dog lover or pet parent, then you can hang a beautiful dog wall art on the walls of your room. Wall prints of dogs in different poses and styles will make your interior look impressive. 

Cute Bear Plush Rug


Grizzly bears are not always intimidating as many people think. Whether you want to decorate a kid’s room or yoga room, this fluffy rug fits well without the scary factor accompanied by grizzly bears.

It is one of the best animal-themed decor ideas. Usually created from faux fur, this plush rug comes with or without a bow depending on personal tastes. Thanks to its adorable design, it adds a touch of fun to the interiors. 

If you do not want to invest in the animal fur floor mat, then chose one with animal prints on it. You can go for a zebra print floor mat. Also, there are rugs with tiger animal print that you can buy for your home from the market. 

Surreal Fur Bedding

Fur does not look well with clothes or shoes, but they also make great duvet covers. By fur, it does not mean to go for real animal fur. Instead, look for fur designed on the fabric to make duvets.

Such décor items will look extraordinary on the bed or other furniture. Some people might even mistake it for real fur. The fur bedding is best option to keep your room cozy in winters. Also, in addition to bedding you can go for fur blanket. 

Fluffy-Puffy Pillows

Bedding and pillows go side by side. When you talk about pillows, you need to have their designs similar to the bedding since they always come together.

If you have bedding made of fur, get the pillows with animal prints made of the softest fur. In this way, they can be related to each other even if they don’t have the same design. You can also get pillow covers with animal prints or sil covers to decorate the home with animal theme. Change the throw pillows and replace them with animal print cushions. 

Bold Tiger Wall Tapestry


Have you ever thought of using a tapestry as a décor item? For animal-themed décor, tiger tapestry is a good and bold choice. It features the classic Japanese artwork that effortlessly captures the tiger’s fierceness in a laid-back manner.

Such an art style makes it appealing to use in different rooms in your home without overpowering the other decorations. Usually, this soft and beautiful polyester-made tapestry is available in many sizes.

Animal-Themed Furniture 

Whenever you create a themed room, you must keep the minimalist furniture or choose furniture that fits the theme. Thankfully, while selecting animals for your theme, several pieces give their best of both worlds.

For instance, the following beds are simple but still fit with the animal theme:

  • Adventure hide out bed 
  • Wide life combination bed 
  • Cabin tent bed 
  • Treehouse bunk bed 

Many people find it easier to use essential furniture pieces like chest drawers and wardrobes more minimalistic in this design. Also, find versatile art pieces that work along the bed. Keeping things simple will make it easier to accessorize the interiors and add personality. 


Hopefully, the ideas above will give you some inspiration for the animal-themed decor. Then, using these ideas, you can create a beautiful themed space. You can purchase all these items at local thrift stores or online. You can also shop for the animal-inspired wall arts to decorate your living room and bedroom in 2022. Take help from the above ideas to give your interior a unique look with animal prints and textures.

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