3 Home Upgrades for a Cozy Comfortable Puppy

When you and your family are ready to bring home an adorable puppy, it is time to create a comfortable and cozy home. Adding a puppy to your family requires making some changes to protect the pet along with making your home easier to keep clean. In addition, you will want a safe environment for the curious puppy. Here are three home upgrades to complete before bringing your puppy home.

Safety Gates in Strategic Locations

It is essential to have safety gates in strategic location to keep the tiny puppy from dangerous areas. Compare the puppy to a toddler while thinking about where to place the gates, including across the kitchen door or at the top of the stairs. You may want to keep a puppy out of a garage or a basement because these areas have potential dangers. If you have a room for hobbies that contains poisonous supplies, then use a gate across the doorway.

Easy to Clean Flooring Materials

Puppies aren’t potty trained for several weeks or months, so you must protect your home with waterproof vinyl floors. While you should still use special potty-training pads on the floors while teaching your puppy to wait until it is outside, having an easy to clean floor is essential. With special floor materials, the puppy’s urine will not leak through to the underlying layers of the floor, preventing foul odors and nasty stains. Keep a pile of old towels nearby to clean up after your new puppy as it is learning its manners.

Kennel or Carrier Area

There are times when it is okay to place a puppy in a kennel or carrier area away from the dangers in your home. You should have a pet carrier or caged kennel that is large enough for the puppy to play in. Make sure that there is a soft bed or blankets for the puppy, and also, keep a supply of water available. Provide toys for the puppy, and make sure to feed the animal on a routine basis. Have the pet carrier or caged kennel in a climate-controlled area of your home so that the puppy is cozy and comfortable.

Learning How to Care for a New Puppy

Make sure to read a lot of information about caring for a new puppy. You can find information about puppy care in books that are found at bookstores or libraries. The internet also has a lot of information about caring for pets. Make sure to take your new puppy to a veterinarian for an examination and vaccinations. Look for a class that you can join with other pet owners so that you can train your new puppy to behave properly.

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