Helpful Grooming Tips For Doodle Owners [Brushing & Bathing]

A common misconception is that Doodles are low, especially with their grooming needs. However, this is farther from the truth. Our page gets asked constantly on how to keep your doodle’s hair from getting matted, at-home grooming tips for doodle owners, and what products we recommend for daily/weekly/monthly grooming maintenance. We hope this article will help anyone wanting to maintain their doods coat in between professional grooming or offer tips to those who groom at home.

Photo credit @ Cheyanne M Glenn
Owner of Luna

This article is to give you answers to all these questions with recommended products by a professional groomer, Cheyanne M Glenn, who also owns a Doodle herself! Read her suggestions below:

Essential Doodle Grooming Tools

What Brushing/Combing Tips Do You Recommend for Doodle Owners?

Photo credit @ Lori Norell Johnson

First, this is the way I was taught. Other groomers or pet owners may have a different way, but this way works for me when I’m grooming professionally and when grooming my own pets at home. It has never failed me. If you have other ways you were shown or taught and it’s working for you, that is great!

This is how I brush & bathe my own doodle and she doesn’t have a single mat. She is also learning to enjoy the process because I started her young. Hopefully, this helps some or most of you!

Whether your dood sheds or if it is shed free you can go through the coat with a slicker brush and brush through the hair. There is a slicker brush on Amazon I use. It’s the miracle coat slicker brush. Of course, you can get one any pet store as well! ??

Pros & Cons of the Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush

  • Soft pad allows for comfortable brushing without straining your wrists.
  • Flexible angled bristles allow for effective grooming without irritating your dog’s skin.
  • Effectively reaches the undercoat on double-coated dog breeds.
  • Cushioned, ergonomic design prevents hand and wrist strain – perfect for owners with arthritis, brittle bones, or other joint/bone/nerve conditions.
  • Larger head is suitable for larger dogs.
  • Fine wire bristles remove loose hair.
  • Regular usage deters matting.
  • Not suitable for dogs with short hair.
  • Not suitable for everyday brushing – better suited for finishing touches.
  • Not made to last – several users reported the brush braking after ten or eleven months.
  • Some dogs may be put off or irritated by the sharp, fine bristles.
  • Hard to remove hair from the brush after using it.

Use a gentle but even pressure! Don’t push too hard, but also don’t only brush the ends! I’ve seen many times where people only brush the ends, and at the base of the skin it tangles and mats from lack of brushing to the skin! If you need to part the hair with your fingers or a clip to get to the base of the hair, you can. If your dood is not loving it (mine didn’t at first) you can use treats, a kong toy with a treat inside (low sugar peanut butter without xylitol), or maybe if your pup wants to gnaw on a toy. Find something they enjoy to distract them and reward them for good behavior with brushing! I always say 5-10 minutes a day (depending on coat density and size of dog) is good for brushing with a slicker brush.

After going through with the slicker you need to follow through with a wide-tooth comb. I like the greyhound combs that have wider to narrow teeth.

Pros & Cons of the ANDIS Steel Pet Comb

  • Comes in two sizes: 7 & 1/2 inches or 10 inches, for all dog breeds and sizes.
  • Removes tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt.
  • Stimulates skin and hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth.
  • Perfect for finishing and fluffing.
  • Sturdy steel won’t break – durable and long-lasting.
  • Lightweight for fatigue-free grooming.
  • Suitable for all life stages.
  • Too large and bulky for teacup or tiny dogs.
  • Several users reported that the prongs have been too sharp to use on their pet.

Again, the same rules as before. Go through the entire coat using the treat your pup loves. Make sure to congratulate them and let them know they are doing well! The younger you start this the better, but doodles are smart and trainable. Comb the entire coat with gentle even pressure. Don’t forget about the inside of the legs, ears, or belly. Be especially gentle anywhere the doodle is thin-skinned armpits, sanitary area, etc).

Photo credit @ Ashlee Bassett

If you follow this and brush daily or every other day religiously (thicker the coat means every day! You brush your hair every day- same goes for them) then you should be able to maintain an amazing coat on your doodle. If you are doing it correctly, then you will be able to avoid having your doodle shaved!

As a groomer, I can tell you we do not enjoy shaving them!! If you are brushing and combing correctly and as you should, it benefits everyone!

What are your tips on bathing Doodles at home?

Uh Oh, looks like someone needs a bath!!!
Photo credit @ Julie Dugger

(Before bathing I always brush + comb first so I can make sure the coat is completely tangled free). Washing your doodle that has tangles or mats will only make them tighter! It is a common misconception that washing will remove them. A good conditioner will prevent them (along with brushing), but if your doodle is matted, the water makes them tighter and closer to the skin.

Whatever shampoo you want to use is fine as long as it is formulated for dogs. However, I would invest in something that is going to break through their thick coat! I like the Chi Dog Shampoo, as well as Cowboy Magic, and Earth Bath, which are all on my best smelling shampoo for dogs list. Also, use a conditioner! Conditioner makes all the difference. While the conditioner is on your dog, you can gently comb it through the hair. If it’s not combing through easily, don’t force it just let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly, towel dry gently. Then, begin drying!

How do you dry your doodle at home?

Wet Vs. Dry
Photo credit @ Cory Dewalt

I have a lot of clients and customers ask how we get them so fluffy after grooming! It’s, of course, the brushing and the products we use, but it also has so much to do with the drying! If you let your doodle air dry, they will be more curly and not as smooth-looking than if you dry fully with a dryer.

Drying with a blow dryer as long as you monitor the heat is perfectly fine, as is using a hand dryer specialized for pets. This will make the coat dry smoother and straighter, hence giving it that desirable fluffiness. This takes patience and if your doodle is nervous don’t force it, give them breaks. You can reward still with treats. Drying could take a while depending on how big your dood is and how thick its coat is! Brushing or combing during drying (or breaking during to do this) helps keep it fluffy and straighter. After drying brush and comb again. After all this, you’ll have yourself a fluffy fancy teddy bear looking doodle ??

Pros & Cons of the Go Pet Club Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

  • Two speed options offered.
  • Two adjustable temperature controls.
  • Powerful airflow dries quickly and thoroughly, saving you heaps of time.
  • Low-noise technology for a calming blow-dry.
  • Puncture-resistant double-reinforced flexible hose for controlled spot drying.
  • Only available in the US, excluding Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, or anywhere else.
  • Some users have reported issues while using the dryer indoors: it will blow dander around that will coat your clothing quickly.
  • Gives off strong chemical odor which could be off-putting to some.
Photo Credit @ Jen Jen

(For anyone curious on how to remove mats I would suggest asking a vet or groomer that you know or can bring for them to see it. Since I would not be able to see your doodles coat myself and run my hands through it, it might be challenging to tell just what products you could safely use or if shaving was the only option!)

If you’ve tried any of these tips, or have tips of your own to share, comment them below!


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