Harness vs. Collar: Which One Is Better For Your Dog?

You love your dog, and you want nothing but the best for them. This is why the critical question arises regarding whether should you use a harness or a collar for your dog.

Dog owners want to know the answer to this, and in this article, that’s what we are going to give you insight into the pros and cons of both.

There are many opinions floating around about the better means of training and walking your dog.

The stars of this debate are the harness and the collar. As a quick disclaimer, this article is not to advise you against the use of any of them.

Instead, this is to highlight some of the important considerations when choosing which one to get for your dog.

Dog Harness

Main Features: A harness is designed to go all over your dog’s chest and belly area and then to go all the way to the back.

The most common style is “H” shape which offers more padding for your pooch.

This style is the common option as it evenly distributes the weight.

The design of harness is made to prevent pressure on the neck.

Dog Collar

Main Features: With the use of a dog collar, you can pull quickly and makes your dog feels tighter on the neck.

This will make them stop and pay attention. This alerts them that they did something wrong and they need to correct it.

This type is not recommended if your dog has a throat problem.

When you’re searching for the best dog training collar, choosing the perfect size is a must.

To know if you have the right size, you must fit two finger widths between the collar and your dog’s neck. The collar shouldn’t slip over to your dog’s ears either.

You would not want them to run away!


We like walking our dogs as much as they do and this is the main reasons why we need a leash to control them.

A dog harness will provide you with more control over your dog.

Your dog cannot escape from a harness as easily as it is with a collar. When it comes to training, there’s a debate as to which is the better one to use.

A dog harness goes all over the chest area, so it will be easier for your dog to get the signal that they have to move.

On the other hand, there are dog collars that are specifically designed to tighten or offer discomfort when your dog tugs as a way of training.


For smaller dogs like Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, and Mini Pinscher, a harness would be recommended.

This is because their body is more fragile. Using harness will allow them to breathe properly.

When it comes to bigger and strong dogs, they will do better with a collar.

This is because putting dogs in a harness will give them a chance to drag you all over the place.


As you can probably imagine, putting on a harness on your dog can be quite a challenge.

On the other hand, most collars have a quick on and off release buckles usually made of plastic.

If it’s your first time to use a harness on your dog, you may struggle at first, especially if you have a bigger dog. But then again, it will not take long once you get used to it.


Dog collars come in different materials, designs, and color, while dog harnesses come in different shapes, styles, and colors.

Whichever you choose, you are certain to have a lot of options.

This means that there will be something to suits your dog’s needs and personality as well as your preference.

When choosing what is best for your dog, it is important to consider what is going to be the best for your pooch based on its needs and individual personality.

Most pet owners find that the best way to go is to have the combination of the two.

No matter which one you pick – either collar or harness – you must see to it that you attach a dog tag with their identification.

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