Gift Ideas for a New Dog or Dog Lover


It is likely that we all know a dog lover, and if you are one yourself, you know how important these family members are in our lives.

When you find yourself in need of a gift to mark either the arrival of a new pup into a home or just for gift giving in general to the canine caring kind, choosing something that they love as much as their four-legged friend, will be much appreciated.

Dog lovers care for their dogs by providing food and shelter, while their dog provides them with companionship and love.

Anything dog themed or otherwise related to the care of their dog will be well appreciated. Here are a few examples of excellent gifts for dog lovers – and dogs alike!

A New Dog Collar

While dog collars once served a simple function, they are now considered to be similar to a wardrobe. With many pups having a selection of their own in a multitude of colors and styles to choose from.

There are a wide variety of dog collars on the market, so there is sure to be something out there that will fit both your friend’s, and their dog’s, personality and needs and to add to their existing collection – should they have one.

Many of the collars can be customized with the dog’s name and your friend’s number should the dog wander away from home.

In addition to the standard circular collar, there are unique designs as well as harnesses. Make sure to take note of your friend’s preference when it comes to collars or harnesses.

For some dogs, they need a specific design that prevents them from tugging on the leash, choking themselves, or otherwise escaping the control of their handler.

A Tracking Device

If your friend frequently allows their dog to run off leash, a tracking device might be a wonderful addition to their collection of dog supplies.

For example, some styles attach to a collar and can track a dog’s location and amount of activity using GPS technology.

Certain types can track the location of a dog within the vicinity of the base (which doubles as a charger) as well as tracking outside of the borders when you are subscribed the group program.

And even more advanced designs are able to track a dog’s temperature and activity level.

A New Leash

If you get the dog lover in your life a collar, you may consider pairing it with a matching leash. There are also several types of leashes.

For example, some companies sell leashes that are designed for hikers, providing a30 foot long leash perfect for the person wants the dog to have freedom but prefers to keep them on the leash.

Do you know someone who has more than one pet?  There are leashes designed with two (or more) clips that are attached to one handle.

Walking two dogs at once is difficult with two separate leashes and this solves that problem.

A Hiking Pack

If your favorite dog lover also enjoys the outdoors, a hiking pack fit for a dog makes for an excellent gift.

Dogs have been bred to be task-oriented, and have no problem carrying their own supplies while hiking if they have a properly fitted pack.

This way, your friend can carry their own supplies while their furry friend carries their food and water bowl.

Typically, hiking bags for dogs are of the saddlebag variety and have large pockets for food plus smaller pockets to stash bags for poop-scooping.

Look for one that has a built-in harness as well, to make the hike as easy as possible.

Make sure that you purchase the appropriate size, and always include a gift receipt, just in case the fit is not quite right.

Pet Wall Art

You can turn your memories into beautiful wall art. Click your pup’s arrival and turn that into art. Not only you but everyone will love that pet wall art collection of yours.

Just for Them

When it comes to getting a gift for a dog lover, it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of considering only accessories that their dog can use.

There are, however, items geared toward dog lovers that the dog lover in question can use for themselves.

There are dog lover coloring books, human t-shirts paired with matching color for their dog, and fun coffee mugs.

After all, dog lovers like gifts that they get to use too!

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