Financial Commitments to Consider Before Getting a Dog

Many people think that owning a pet is all playtime and cuddles. What 78% of people tend to forget is that caring for a pet, especially in the first year, is a pretty hefty expense. You, like others, may be surprised to learn that the first year of owning a dog or cat can amount to over $1,000. That’s a little ruff on the bank account, but worth it in the end.

The cost of owning a pet for the first year is more than others due to adoption fees, medical exams, and necessary long-term items such as pet beds and carriers. While you may want to avoid some of the first year purchases, they actually end up saving you money. These initial expenses ensure that your pet is properly taken care of and will have little to no issues down the road.

We love pets of all shapes and sizes and believe that their faithful companionship is worth every penny. Check out this fun infographic below from to learn everything you need to know in order to budget for that adorable puppy you saw the other day!


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