Feeding Your Dog According To Its Nutritional Requirements

Pup parents usually wonder how much they should feed my Dog.

Does the meal which they are providing is fulfilling their dog’s nutritional needs?

According to research, the relationship between health and diet continues to advance. A wide range of dog foods are available in market and the range continues to expand.

Dogs love playing, running and jumping, they are active in nature hence they require a good nutritious food that will help them grow healthier and fulfill their nutritional requirements.

Just as you require balanced diet to stay fit and healthy your dog also requires some basic nutrients to stay healthy.

Proteins and fats are the most common nutrient required by these species as protein helps to build muscle mass and fats are main source of energy for dogs. Minerals mixed in your dog’s feed will help in making his teeth stronger.

They are responsible for the upkeep of liquid, acid and base balance in a dog’s body and shipment of oxygen in the blood.

In addition to this, Vitamins are significant for good vision, healthy nervous system and regulating the body processes. But not all dogs have same food requirements.

Puppies have totally different nutritional needs as compared to senior dogs.

Because younger dogs may require more calories to grow however adult dogs require more fibrous food but fewer calories.

Feed For Large Breed Dogs


When you own a large breed dog you need to give proper attention towards his meal plan from the very first day if you want him to have a healthy life ahead.

Countless choices for food will pass through your eyes while you are in dog food section of the store and each of them declaring to be the best. But before you start to shop for your dearest dog, you must take few things under consideration that will help you to plump for the best diet from his puppyhood to his all life ahead.

There is a misconception that large breed dogs grow faster as compared to small dog breeds so they require more calories.

But in contrast they require fewer calories as compared to small dogs as large breed dogs have a slower metabolic rate.

Therefore, if they are not fed with the balanced diet they may get overweight which can further lead to orthopedic diseases as being overweight will cause stress on the skeletal system.

A food with lower fat, calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D is ideal for your puppy.

By limiting the amount of fat you may regulate their weight and combination of lower calcium and phosphorus will help in lowering the risk of developmental orthopedic diseases (DOD).

In addition to this, the majority of vets suggests to break down your large breed puppy’s meal into 6-7 small portions which will keep them full throughout the day without putting any pressure on their digestive system and the calories eaten will be burned easily.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large Breed Puppy Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food are few dog foods for large breeds.

Feed For Small Breed Dogs

The small dog owners have to take in concern that the small breed dogs are much needed to be fed with rich nutritional diet because they have higher metabolic rate.

The much needed components in a diet of a small breed dog must include fats and proteins.

Higher protein level is required to build muscles so that obesity can be avoided and fat is required in abundance to fuel them with required energy.

You can feed your small dog with full portions. Small dogs are more prone to food allergy therefore, if you find any sign of allergies or behavioral changes in your dog’s behavior visit a vet and try to change his food according to your vet’s prescription or you can just buy dog food with novel protein and carbohydrates to minimize the risk of catching allergy.

Hope this blog will help you next time you go shopping for your dog’s food.

Wendy Shore is a parent of two amazing dogs. She is very enthusiastic about pet health and welfare in general. She regularly blogs at https://www.totallygoldens.com/.

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