5 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Puppy And Kitten Healthy

You are the proud new owner of a kitten or a puppy. Surely, you are overwhelmed with joy, and you can’t get enough of your pet. Rest assured that if you take the proper care of them, you will have many happy years together. But you need to start with the right care from the earliest stage of your pet’s life. Kittens and puppies grow so quickly, and you need to make sure you give them everything they need in terms of food, training, activities, and more.

1. The right nutrition

No matter how tiny your new kitten or puppy looks, it needs quite a lot of food to grow big and strong. Your pet is using a lot of energy to play around and explore the world, so you need to choose the right food for them and in the right amount. 

Depending on their bread and preferences, you can give them dry or wet food. However, make sure that the food you choose is suitable for their age and specific health needs if they have any. Regularly check their weight and if their development is progressing normally. If you see that your kitty, for example, is not gaining enough weight, you can choose a specific healthy food to increase your kitten’s weight. In case they are still not growing at a fast enough pace, check with your vet what might be the reason. 

2. Bathroom training

It is tough to train your kitten how to use a litter box or your puppy to respect their walking schedule in the beginning. It is still easier to train your cat to use a litterbox since they already have an instinct about it. In the beginning, you will have to show them where their toilet is and maybe even put them in it after they eat. 

It will be more complicated for your doggy, and it will take more time. You need to try to establish a suitable schedule for you but still comfortable for your puppy. The perfect times to go out are after meals and longer naps. But brace yourself because you will have to be patient and clean quite many messes around your home. Keep the walks often in the beginning, and then increase the time between them. 

3. Regular healthcare checks

You need to schedule your mandatory vet visits in the first months of being a new pet owner. Bring them for an initial checkup and discuss further care with your veterinarian when you get your kitten or puppy. This visit will allow you to establish a vaccination schedule, receive valuable recommendations from a professional for feeding, preventive care, and much more. 

In one of those visits, you should also discuss the option to spay or neuter your new friend. Your vet will give you the best advice if recommended to do it, and if yes, when and how to do so. For most domestic animals you are not planning to let reproduce, it is recommended to spay or neuter them. Otherwise, they will not feel comfortable following their natural instincts and might experience health issues.

4. Don’t forget hydration

Drinking enough water is vital for any pet, especially for kittens and puppies. They are often playing and running all day which will exhaust them, and they will need food and water. Make sure you have placed enough water sources around your house. You can use bowls or water fountains that might be an additional joy for your pet  — especially kittens. 

5. Playing and training 

Most kittens and puppies can’t get enough of playing. They like to explore the world, and they love doing it with their favorite humans along with them. Join them and be active and playful with them. 

Get some toys but don’t invest too much in them, especially when it comes to puppies. They tend to be a bit rougher with their toys, which might not last long. Keep in mind that most young dogs are full of energy, and if you don’t provide them with enough ways to use it, they might find such ways themselves. This might end up with some mischiefs that they do around your home. 

While you play with your puppy, try to teach them some basic commands like sit, give me a paw, be quiet, stay, etc. They will learn them easier and better if they consider them first as a play and not very strict training and of course if you give them little rewards when they do something right. 

Playing with your kitty might not require as much energy from your side, but it is still vital for you to provide them with exercise. You can get them toys that they would love to play with alone or with you. Make sure you train them meanwhile what are the places they can scratch and which ones are out of the limit.

Wrapping up

Having a new pet, no matter a kitten or a puppy is a blessing but also a big responsibility. Make sure you provide them with all the care they need but most importantly, your love. If you give them the right food, train them and play with them, they will be more than happy and give you all of their love in return. Enjoy every minute of this adventure together while your pet is still a young kitten or a puppy.

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