Easy Training Tips for Your Puppy

Loving a puppy is a wonderful thing to do & we all enjoy the company of our little partners.

It’s always fun to play with cute pets but to be very honest; it takes a lot of struggle to train them.

It can be sometimes exhausting & frustrating to deal, as there are so many things a new pup has to learn.

Now you must not worry about it, following are some hacks that will navigate you to train a new puppy to make him healthy & a well-mannered member of your family.

Basic Training

Puppies learn new things so quickly, but bringing them up needs patience & determination.

Toilet training is the basic one that should start right when you bring a pet into your home.

If you want your puppy to take an interest in toilet training, then keep the training period shorter from 5 to 10 minutes.

Training at home needs consistency and reinforcement.

The aim is to teach good behaviors & build a loving bond with your pet; this can be done by stroking, feeding tasty treats, & verbal praise like ‘good boy.’

Above all, you should keep calm & have fun during your dog’s training session.

Teach your Pet to Sleep through the Nightfall

Puppies need to sleep just like babies to grow fast.

Make your pet habitual to sleep at night by doing these tips such as play with your pup around the day so that he may get tired, make sure he had an exercise & avoid any excitement or games so that he will remain calm.

Moreover, you must take your dog outside for 20 minutes before sleep to pee, so that he can sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Get a cozy bed for your dog to make him more comfortable at nights and during his beauty sleep.

Train to Stay in Crate

This will help you to limit your dog when you are incapable to be around or supervise him.

If your pet becomes familiar with its crate, then he will stay in it comfortably.

This training will assist you in preventing your little buddy from learning bad habits such as soiling or chewing.

Crates are useful tools for taming if your doggie is confined when you are not around or not under your supervision in your house; most likely are he will never develop the habit of doing potty indoor & will always go outside to do his business.

Train your Puppy to Come when you Call

Hey Jasper! Good boy! Train him to come to you is the expertise we have wanted to learn at first glance.

When he starts listening & responding to you, your dominant status is reinforced.

Sit down on your knees & call his name, when he does, appreciate him using encouraging reinforcement.

Try this when he is busy doing interesting things to check whether he has learned to respond you or not.

As he gets older, you will see the pros of this command.

Make your Puppy Stop from Biting

Puppies love to use their mouth while playing so let your little friend know the limits of using mouth & teach them what is appropriate; this is the essential part of the training that you must practice.

When your pup starts biting harshly during the play, you can stop the game & turn away from him for few minutes to make him realize if he bites the game will stop.

In this way, you can train your little pet faster. If this doesn’t work, try trading a chew toy for your hand or pant leg.

The swap trick also works when he’s into your favorite shoes. He’ll prefer a toy or a bone anyways.

Jumping is Not Good

Little puppies are so cute & love to jump up to greet their masters.

Don’t scold just ignore this behavior by turning your back on him & wait until he gets calm.

Never encourage the jumping habit by praising or patting your puppy so that he can completely discontinue this behavior.

The right time to make your puppy learn good habits is the first time he is around you because you will not get this memorable period again.

This is the only chance you get to teach your pet manners & make him a healthy dog.

Get help from the tips mentioned above.

In this guide, we have walked you through all of the crucial training tips you need to assist your little dog to make him all trained up at home without any hassle.


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