Dry Dog Foods Are More Effective Than Liquid Dog Food

Dog food is specifically designed and formulated for canine consumption and is available in various forms like canned, dry or fresh. Dogs are often thought of as omnivorous with a carnivore lean focus. They are often fed meat or fish primarily, but may eat plant material such as hay, oats, corn and table scraps. A well-balanced diet is important for the well-being of your dog. You will find certain types of food more suitable for particular breeds or individual dogs than others.

The ingredient list is the first thing that catches the eye when you are looking at dog food labels. Every product must list at least one ingredient that is commonly found in commercial pet foods such as beef, chicken, corn, dairy products and eggs. The second ingredient must be an animal source such as liver, fish, poultry, tree nuts, fruits and vegetables. An additional ingredient can be herbal, vegetable, or spice extracts. Generally, products that do not list any natural ingredient are considered inferior in quality.

There is an off-brand called Heroin which is marketed as dog food and has been used to help control the appetite of dogs with addictions to heroin. The chemical used to make Heroin is derived from morphine, a drug found in opium poppies. Dogs can become addicted to Heroin if it is taken for extended periods of time without the veterinarian giving an enough dose to counteract the effects of withdrawal symptoms. People addicted to heroin are increasingly turning to pet food to help curb their appetite while trying to kick the habit. These individuals may want to avoid brands like Heroin, which has a high fat content, as it is addictive and dangerous.

Brands of dog food that contain ethoxyquin have been known to cause side effects in pets with kidney disease, liver problems or diabetes. Some veterinarians do not recommend using ethoxyquin in any form because it has been known to cause kidney failure. The FDA and the North American Association of Feed Control Officials have said that they are aware of reports of renal failure in dogs that were fed products that contain ethoxyquin. Many owners who use these foods to treat their pets find that the effects from the diet don’t last very long and then the dog must be re-fed.

Most canned pet foods that you buy at the store use ingredients such as chicken byproducts, corn, wheat and soy. Some people feel that natural dog food should not contain ingredients that are as artificial as meat byproducts, corn and soy. Other people believe that these ingredients are fine and say that dogs have no problem eating the natural foods that come in dry dog foods. Only you can decide what’s best for your dog.

Any dog food that contains the word “preservative” on the label must be avoided. An ingredient like sugar, starch, protein or vinegar may be listed under the word “preservative”, but these ingredients are not good for your dog. If you choose dry dog food for your pet, look for one that does not use any artificial preservatives. You might also want to avoid any dog food that uses salt as an ingredient. All preservatives should be avoided in order to keep your dog healthy and active.

Natural products, including those that come in dry form, are better for your dog than the commercially produced dog foods. It is also important to look for a dog food that is made from all natural ingredients. A product like this will provide your dog with everything he needs – good meat, vegetables, plenty of healthy carbohydrates and lots of greens and fruits.

Natural dog foods must comprise ingredients that have not been processed. Preservatives must be avoided, and natural sources of proteins must be included. Look for a product that is manufactured from raw ingredients and that uses an antioxidant source. Also, look for one that is free from any salts, fats, carbohydrates, and sugars. If you can find a dry dog food that contains all of these things and more, it is definitely a top choice!