Doggy Daycare and Boarding 101

doggy daycare and boarding 101

Do you have a tight schedule that makes away from home a lot with barely enough time to spend with your dog?

Does your furry friend give you a sad face when you’re about to leave for work?

Dogs sometimes suffer from separation anxiety when they are left all alone all day.

This causes the dog to exhibit undesirable behavior like barking and whining excessively due to insufficient socialization, and this may cause trouble with your neighbors.

Well, this is where a dog daycare and boarding comes in. A dog daycare operates the same way a human baby daycare does. You may wonder ‘is a doggy daycare safe’?

Well, most doggy daycares are safe. You drop your dog at the daycare on your way to work and pick your dog up after you’re done with your activities for a fee.

In the daycare, your pooch is pampered and gets to spend time playing with other dogs and the caregivers as well.

If you’re away for the weekend for work or vacation purposes where your pet is not allowed, there’s always an option of leaving your dog at a dog boarding facility.

Here the dog spends a few days and nights in a homely environment until you come back.

Being away from home is hard enough so you should ensure the facility you choose should be able to provide professional services that make your dog feel at home when you’re away.

How to Choose the Best Doggy Daycare and Boarding for Your Dog 

Every Dog parent wants the best for their dog. When choosing a daycare or boarding facility, you need to:

  • Ask to be taken for a tour around the facility. This enables you to familiarize yourself with the staff and raise concerns wherever possible.
  • Check if the staff is properly trained to handle, train and care for dogs. The staff should also be enough to cater to the number of dogs.
  • Find out the sanitary conditions of the facility. What are the cleaning and disinfecting procedures?
  • Check the vaccination records of the dogs your pooch will be spending time with;
  • Find out how your dog will be catered to in case of an emergency.
  • Look for a facility with amenities like Healthy Hound Playground which offers plenty of interactive options.

Benefits of taking your pooch to a doggy daycare or boarding

  1. Socialization

This is top of the list because dogs need company during the day. This eliminates separation anxiety which causes destructive behavior around the house. In a dog daycare, your pooch learns socialization skills and forms friendships as they interact with other dogs and their caregivers. The confidence level of the particularly timid dogs is also boosted.

  1. Love, care, and attention

Just like humans, dogs love it when they are shown some love and attention. So as a dog parent, it’s your duty to ensure that your dog receives the same when you are away or don’t have time to cuddle and snuggle. For this reason, you need to choose carefully which doggy daycare or boarding offers that.

  1. Grooming

A dog daycare and boarding that offers grooming services is a plus for you and your pooch.  Your dog gets professional grooming services which may also include a dog spa session that leaves him rejuvenated and ready to face another day.

  1. Exercise

Killing boredom is one of the most important reasons to take your dog to the daycare. At the daycare, the dog gets to run around, play and exercise on the playground with their friends and caregivers. This reduces anxiety and helps them to keep fit.

  1. Training

At the daycare, your dog learns various obedience commands which are essential in tackling behavioral problems that may crop up in their growth process.


If you have to leave your pooch at a daycare or boarding facility, ensure that it is as homely as can be.

Pack your dog’s personal items like blankets and toys to make your pup feel relaxed in the new territory.

This is because dogs rely on smell and familiar belongings to feel at ease.


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    hi I wonder if you can share the doggy care of the photo taken? I want to see the rest of the installation t inspired my doggy day care.

  2. Adam Golightly Reply

    My cousin has been thinking about getting his Terrier boarded by a professional when he goes on a trip. He would really like to make sure that they can have a lot of fun while he is away on business. I liked what you said about how they can boost his confidence level because he will interact with other dogs.

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