Dog Walking Tips For Busy People

Do Dogs Really Need a Walk? Almost all of us know that dogs are supposed to walk us often, and yet recent studies have revealed that only 20% of dog owners actually walk their dogs on a daily basis. So if you’re looking to begin walking your dog, it really comes down to having the motivation to actually do it. This article will go over some of the more common dog walking tips that can really help to get your dog out on a regular basis.

Essential Tips When Walking Your Dog Outdoors

One of the first dog walking tips that we will go over is that it is important that you make your walks fit for purpose. This means that you should not walk your dogs on just any kind of day. Many people assume that their walks should be no different from any other day of the week, but this is simply not true. Dogs need daily exercise just like we do, so you should make sure that your walks are fit for purpose.

Another one of the more common dog walking tips is that it is extremely important that you keep your walks short. You should take short brisk walks in the morning and then shorter but more frequent walks in the evenings. Why? Well the reason that short brisk walks in the morning and evenings are better than long leisurely walks is because your dog needs to have sufficient rest between each of these walks. The longer the distance between your walks, the less rest your dog has, and the more stressed the dog will become.

One of the other dog walking tips that almost everyone overlooks is that it is absolutely necessary that you potty train your pet. While it may seem like a small thing, it is one of the most important dog walking tips you should follow. Why? Because your dog needs to learn that there is a designated spot outside the home where they can do their business when they want to.

Besides this, another one of the dog walks tips that you should never forget, is to purchase some quality dog walks with retractable leashes. There are several excellent retractable leashes on the market today that will allow you to control how far your pooch can go. This will prevent him from running out in the middle of a nice, fresh park, and getting his butt stuck in the grass. Not only does this create an embarrassing situation for your pet, but it can also be a health risk if he were to chase some bugs and get his legs stuck. Plus, if you do not have a retractable leash, you will find carrying your pooch in a carrier around your neighborhood to go for walks becomes a bit more difficult, because he will feel more at risk for running into traffic.

Another wonderful piece of equipment that you should invest in if you are looking for a reliable, low-cost solution to your walks, is a front-clip harness. Front clip harnesses allow you to easily and quickly change the length of your dog’s leash, without having to take your pooch off of the leash completely. This makes taking your dog for walks more enjoyable, because you will not have to worry about your dog being able to get away for any reason. The front-clip harness simply zippers up on itself, making it very easy to carry around. Take a look at these best dog harnesses to find the most suitable for your dog’s size and preferred level of comfort. 

One other important thing to keep in mind if you are a new pooch owner, is that you should try to make sure that you never walk more than two or three miles on your walks. You never know what diseases can be picked up along the way, so be sure to always put on your seatbelt. Also, be sure that you have plenty of water available for your dog’s poop! The dog’s poop is not something that they like to have to clean up, so always be prepared for when you might need to use the restroom.

Should You Hire A Dog Walker? 

If you are often busy or have an erratic schedule, you may not always have ample time to bring your pup out.  It is still advisable to give your dog more intensive physical activity and not just settle for short yet irregular leisurely walks for a better exercise routine. If you cannot commit to a fixed schedule, you should consider hiring a dog walker to walk your dog at least once to twice per day. 

Aside from ensuring that your dog always gets the right amount of exercise, a dog walker can also stimulate your pet’s senses by letting them feel, touch, smell, and hear all types of things outdoors. The right dog walker can socialize, build a good relationship with your dog, and allow them to meet other dogs and new people too. 

Keep in mind that the cheap price shouldn’t be the sole factor when choosing a potential dog walker. On top of that, hiring an animal lover is also not a guarantee that they will be an excellent walking companion for your pet. If you’re willing to invest more in your dog’s daily outdoor activity, find a dog walker with a detailed background and have experience working with various dog breeds and personalities. Moreover, ask for client references during the interview. This way, you’ll know if they work and show up according to agreed dog walking schedules.

These are just a few simple dog walking tips that you can use to increase the enjoyment that you dog walk for your family and friends. Retractable leashes are the easiest way to go, and there are several dog owners that will testify to this. So go ahead and make the switch today, before your dog’s misery gets worse!