Dog Sitting Tips – 3 Easy Steps For Enjoying Your Pet

If you are a dog lover or have a dog, one of your main tasks will be dog sitting. Not only is it work but it is also a lot of fun. If you are a dog lover and want to help a friend out, this article will show you how. First, you must know that sitting is a necessary task for a dog. They need to stretch their legs and sit down to relax. In fact, they cannot function without sitting.

dog sitting tips

As a dog owner, you may not think your pet needs any help when it comes to sitting but it is necessary. A dog cannot sit on its own. It needs your help to do that. Here are some things to consider when sitting down with your dog.

When sitting down, keep your dog close by and make eye contact. This is one of the dog-sitting tips that may seem obvious. But we sometimes forget that dogs have feelings too.

If your dog starts to get anxious while you are sitting down, move closer to it. Let your dog see that you are trying to calm it down. The dog will sit next to you and relax. If you do not move, your dog will sit next to you and be anxious all the time. In order to help your dog relax, do not be afraid to move around and sit next to it.

Another one of the dog-sitting tips is to always be consistent. Your dog cannot learn to relax unless you tell it to relax. This means that the dog must be told that it is to sit next to you whenever you are sitting down. You can make this more effective by taking your dog outside during pups naps. Have the dog sit beside you as you walk or bring it to the park.

It may also be helpful to let the dog sit next to you while you clean your house. The dog can sit next to you while you clean because it cannot see the floor when it is up against the wall. However, you should not let the dog stay overnight in the house when you are not home. This could cause the dog to be uneasy and nervous. If you find it difficult to train your dog to sit on command, try holding the dog close to your body until it learns to sit.

A dog sitting tip that is very effective is to use a combination of treats and praise. You can reward your dog after each successful sit. Or you can just give it some love and affection such as a hug. Your dog will feel loved if it has been able to please you in the past. This could make the dog eager to sit next to you because it feels that you really care for it.

With these dog sitting tips, you will surely have a much better relationship with your dog. You will be able to teach the dog to sit even without the use of toys or any other physical training tools. All you need is consistency and patience. If you follow these dog sitting tips diligently, you will definitely get positive results from your dog. You will be able to maintain a long and trusting relationship with your pet.

A dog sitting tip that is often ignored is the importance of praising your dog when it does sit next to you. A dog is only taught to sit on cue from its master. If you constantly slap or hit your dog when it does not sit, then you may be encouraging the dog to soil the place where you sit, especially if it is a large dog. You should use positive reinforcements when your dog obeys your commands.

Another dog sitting tip is that you should not punish your dog unless you catch it in the act of going down. Punishing your dog for something that you are not sure about is not a good idea because you could end up creating a bad impression about you and your pet. It could also result to anger and resentment towards you. When you punish your dog, you may scare it off. When you punish your dog, it may not know how to stop itself and will continue to go down on you.

The last among dog sitting tips is to have fun with your dog. Your dog is only enjoying when you enjoy yourself. This will help in creating a good relationship between you and your dog.