Dog Nutrition – Which One Is the Best Dog Food For Him?

Dog food is commonly known as dog food, specifically designed and meant for consumption by loving dogs. Dogs are typically regarded as carnivores with an animalivorous tendency. Like humans, dogs also need food to sustain their survival and maintain good health.

dog food

Many dog foods available in the market contain harmful ingredients that are often fatal for dogs like sodium, fat, preservatives and others. These chemicals are normally added in order to increase the pet’s shelf life. Some people even choose to add other chemicals in order to extend shelf life further. Although these harmful substances are commonly found in commercial dog foods, some of them can actually be poisonous to dogs if consumed in large quantities. This is why it is advised that dog food be stored in sealed containers and be taken out only for portions of times that your dog needs them.

It is easy to find dog food for sale in the stores. But what if you are looking for something more economical than that? For those who want to feed their beloved four-legged family member on a budget, canned food could be the answer. There are many brands of canned food available in the market today, but if you are on a tight budget, the cheapest one to go for would be the kibble canned food. Now, if you are wondering what makes canned food cheap compared to kibble, it’s because kibble tends to have more filler and it does not provide all the necessary nutrients that your dog needs. And if you opt for the cheaper brand, expect that there would be nothing added to it that could benefit your dog’s health.

However, the best dog food to go for would be the dry food, especially if you are feeding your pet often and you take good care of it. The main reason for this being that dry food helps prevent diarrhea, vomiting and constipation. And aside from that, kibble is also high in fat and calories, which your dog does not need.

But if you really want your dog to live a healthy and life, then you have to stop giving him the canned or kibble dog food. And this calls for a better understanding about dog nutrition, so you must look beyond the label. If you are going to give your dog table scraps, think twice or thrice before doing so. Dog food may look appealing, but that does not mean that it is good for your pet. Even though you are trying to help your dog live a healthy life, make sure you are also providing the right nutrients that he needs. This way, you will have an effective tool in helping him achieve good health.

Now, let’s talk about dog nutrition for dogs that are specifically formulated for a certain breed. Since each breed has its own set of unique characteristics and traits, there are specific nutrients that should be present in the diet of that breed. For example, there are actually small breed dogs that have the capacity to digest more protein than others. Also, they have the tendency to digest meat faster than the other breeds. In order for you to feed your dog the best food for his breed, you have to look at the individual characteristics of that breed first before choosing the best food for him.

For instance, the American Kennel Club classifies dog food into three major categories based on its ingredients. The first category contains kibble, canned and dry food. The second category consists of meat meal, fish meal and poultry meal. The third category is made up of byproducts such as byproduct oil, byproduct crystals, corn meal, and byproduct meal. The dry food that belongs in the first category and kibble that belongs in the second category contain almost the same amount of nutrition; however, kibble is considered to be the first ingredient because it is the most common type of dog dry food available in the market today.

If you want to feed your dog a more balanced diet, then you should consider adding cooked meat to the kibble. This will help your dog get all the nutrients that he needs from the food he eats. Moreover, if you prefer giving your dog canned food as a source of nourishment, then you should also use canned food with some meat meal as the first ingredient instead of kibble. This is one way of providing your dog with more energy and building up his immune system. By doing this, you are helping your pet to stay healthier and fit for a longer period of time.