Choosing the Perfect Puppy – The Complete Guideline

Almost all the puppies are known to be cute. However, not all will fit your lifestyle.

In case you’re interested in a puppy, you need to conduct a proper research and preparation in order to find a perfect puppy that will fit into your lifestyle and that of your family.

The wide range of breeds, temperaments and exercise needs makes it necessary that one does proper homework.

All the puppies will after a few months grow into adults, hence, it is important that you get a puppy which fits into your lifestyle.

Below is a complete guide that will help you choose a perfect puppy:

1. Do Extensive Research

Are you curious about different types of breeds? You need to first get a book that reviews different breeds of puppies or searching online for sites that review dogs. Feel free to ask puppy training experts their take on breeds you are interested in. Veterinarians are known to interact with different types of breeds from day to day basis and have great insight on the breed that might fit your lifestyle. Dog training experts are also important individuals you can seek advice on especially concerning the behaviors and needs of different breeds.

2. Consider the Needs, Size & Breeds

For instance, although the Goldendoodles are known to love cuddle, they do grow in size faster making them unable to sit on your lap and can easily clear off a table with a flick of a tail. Another case is with the Dachshund, due to their short legs, these puppies can have trouble keeping up with you whenever you are jogging.  It is advisable that you consider how a puppy will fit into your lifestyle when it grows.

Dog training and grooming needs are another important part you need to consider when making a decision. Most dogs in a herding group will always require lots of attention and exercise. Other types of puppies such as puppies with long hair will need intense grooming needs.

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3. Conduct a Background Check

Getting a reputable rescue team or breeder is important when looking for a well-socialized and healthy puppy. In case you are interested in a purebred dog, you need to ask your local breed club, vet or a puppy training professional to provide you with the right options.

Although adopting a puppy from a rescue organization or a shelter can be rewarding, one might find it difficult to learn much about the puppy training, medical history or background. However, such organizations will provide you with great benefits such as dog training, vaccinations, screenings and microchipping.

4. Know What You Want

It is recommended that before you consider adopting a puppy, you first get it examined by a qualified veterinarian. This should be done before you bring it home. However, shelters, breeders and rescue groups can at times provide you with paperwork confirming that the puppy you are purchasing has been examined by a licensed veterinarian and treated for parasites. Below are some of the things you need to check before adopting a puppy:

  • Toss a ball or a toy. The puppy’s eyes should follow the ball or toy.
  • Ensure the puppy looks aware and alert not lethargic.
  • Inspect the puppies’ coat. There should be no flaky, bald patches or dry skin.
  • Check if there are any fat around the puppy’s rib cage. The puppy should be well fed.
  • Watch for difficulty in breathing, coughing or sneezing.

5. Observe the Puppy’s Personality

You will ensure lifetime friendship and happiness when you choose a puppy with a good disposition. One can quickly learn about a puppy’s temperament while on a short visit when you know what to look for and what to pay close attention to. Below are some of the things to guide you in knowing a puppy’s temperament.

  • Watch the puppy while playing with littermates
  • This is one of the best ways that will help you determine how your puppy will get along with the other dogs later.
  • Monitor how your puppy interacts with different people. You will be gauging him on how he interacts with different people of different eves and ages.
  • Try rolling back the puppy on his back for a few seconds. Puppies that become aggressive or struggle may have dominance issues. You can limit excessive barking with dog barking deterrent.

There are a few other indications that will help you tell if a certain puppy is good for you or not.

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