Checklist for Traveling with Your Pet Abroad

Just like any human parent, a dog parent will prioritize to take their pet with them on holidays. However, some essentials should not be forgotten when taking your dog abroad.

It can be the most comfortable trip of your life if everything is planned.

This will entail less fuss and stress but more, excitement and joy.

Below is the listed of few things that you accomplish before taking your dog abroad:

1) One of the obvious essential is pet passports. In the procedure of booking a flight make sure the airline is aware that you are traveling with your puppy.

2) Flying with a puppy requires a crate. You need to consult the air in advance about the flight regulation of a crate. If your pet is not comfortable in the crate, make sure to familiarize him with it before the flight, by leaving it open and hiding treats in it.

3) You should be aware whether or not your pet will travel with you to the cabin or not.

4) Make sure to pay the vet visits before vacation as their might be some specific vaccination for the country you are traveling to.

5) It is important that you label information about yourself and your dog on a language tag attached to its collar. It should be ensuring that the information on your ticket and your dog’s ticket corresponds to each other.

6) Adjoin the twenty-four-hour feeding schedule or any other vital specifications to the travel carrier, if mishap is to happen.

7) Dogs tend to pant a lot while traveling. Make sure to add a water pack to the container.

8) Reach the airport at the appropriate, ensuring that your dog is well fed and comfortable.

9) Take into account about withholding the food one or two days before the flight so the dog might not be travel sick.

10) Try to book a direct trip while traveling with your dog. Moving them between planes is neither easy nor convenient.

11) Guarantee that your accommodation is dog-friendly, and if you are planning on staying at someone’s place, you need to look out for the available toilet.

12) Make sure to consult with your vet before traveling; some breeds are very stressed during traveling. However, there are other options, like sedation, available for them.

We hope this helps you travel with your dog safely and comfortably in the future!

Wendy Shore is a parent of two amazing dogs. She is very enthusiastic about pet health and welfare in general. She regularly blogs at

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