CBD for Dogs – Can Hemp CBD Products Help Treat Anxiety and Seizures?

CBD for Dogs - Siberian Husky

Anxiety is a relatively common problem for dogs of all ages. Yet, it’s not always easy to find the best anxiety treatment for dogs. After all, you want what’s best for your pet. One possible option is the use of CBD for dogs. Treating your pet’s anxiety or seizures with hemp CBD products could provide the safest solution.

Canna-Pet is the leading producer of CBD for dogs. They have several different hemp CBD products, including CBD dog treats and capsules. But, before you give a new product to your pet, you want to make sure that it works. You want to learn as much about the product as possible.

Find out if hemp CBD products, including CBD dog treats, can treat your pet’s health issues. Here is everything that you need to about CBD for dogs. We’ll start with a few of the most frequently asked questions about CBD for dogs. This includes:

  • What is CBD for dogs?
  • How much CBD oil should I give my dog?
  • Does CBD for dog anxiety really work?
  • Can you use CBD oil for dog seizures?
  • What else can hemp CBD products help treat?
  • What are the best hemp CBD products?

What Is CBD for Dogs?

If you’re not familiar with CBDs, it’s okay to be skeptical about products containing this substance. CBD (Cannabidiol) is derived from the hemp plant. By now, most people understand the distinction between hemp and marijuana. Hemp plants don’t contain the same active compounds that are responsible for the high that people experience from smoking cannabis.

The CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant is non-toxic, natural, and doesn’t contain any of those psychoactive compounds. Instead, it includes beneficial cannabinoids that could be the ultimate solution for treating anxiety, seizures, and other health problems.

Cannabidiol oil extract

There are multiple ways to deliver this CBD to your pet. There are liquid oil extracts, capsules, and CBD dog treats. Each has their own pros and cons. The first option is to give your dog CBD dog treats. This comes in various flavors that your dog will enjoy. And, they are made with completely organic ingredients. You can feed your pet a treat, while also helping to combat their health problems. That’s a win-win situation.

Another option is to give your dog CBD capsules. Though, it can be difficult to get your pet to swallow capsule. With an oil, you can simply drop the oil to the back of their throat. But, a capsule could get spit out. The oil extracts are the most concentrated forms of CBD for dogs. This means that you don’t need to use as much of the substance. Just several drops will do. And, it means that it’s the quickest way for your dog to enjoy the benefits of CBD for dogs. They may even start to feel better within 30 minutes or less. Overall, this is the most effective way to give your dog CBD.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

Canna-Pet® is NOT a pharmaceutical. It is a benign, organic hemp product that you can feed with confidence.

When you purchase CBD for dogs, you have several options for how you will deliver the oil. You can purchase capsules, CBD dog treats, or oil.

The amount of CBD oil that you give your dog will depend on their size and their condition. Canna-Pet offers the following recommendations for the use of their CBD oil for dogs:

  • For dogs under 20 pounds – start with 2 to 3 drops (3 to 4 times per day)
  • For dogs over 20 pounds – start with 3 to 4 drops (3 to 4 times per day)

You can increase the number of drops if you don’t get positive results. But, you should first wait several days before increasing the dosage.

Does CBD for Dog Anxiety Really Work?

CBD for dog anxiety

Yes, CBD for dogs can really help treat anxiety. Though, the results can vary. You need to remember that all dogs are different. Just like people, they will go through varying degrees of anxiety. With CBD oil, results should come quickly. This is the fastest delivery system, as the oil is easily absorbed.

With capsules and dog treats, you need to wait for the stomach acid to begin digesting the product. But, dogs digest food at a faster rate than humans. So, you can expect to notice results within an hour or two, depending on the condition. Some conditions may require additional time to work. For example, it may take several days to notice a reduction of inflammation.

Can You Use CBD Oil for Dog Seizures?

In addition to anxiety treatment for dogs, CBD for dogs can be used as a treatment for seizures. Much in the same way that hemp CBD products help relax the brain and calm muscles, the CBD can help reduce the occurrence of seizures.

Seizures force muscles to contract and tighten, which can lead to anxiety and panic. With cannabis for dogs, you can reduce this occurrence by helping to relax their muscles in a natural way. It’s estimated that between 1 and 5% of all dogs suffer from some form of seizures. Though, some breeds more likely to develop seizures than others. Phenobarbital is the most common prescription for this condition.

With phenobarbital, there is a potential for side effects. This could include dizziness and possibly liver damage. This is just one more reason to consider using CBD for dogs as a natural and safe way to treat this condition.

What Else Can Hemp CBD Products Treat?

There have been numerous scientific studies over the years that have explored the advantages of this substance. It has been used for everything from treating anxiety to pain management. But, that’s not all.

Here are some of the possible conditions that CBD oil may be able to help treat:

  • Inflammation
  • Aggression
  • Skin conditions
  • Muscle spasms
  • Lack of appetite
  • Tumors
  • Seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Neurological disorders

And, that’s just based on the latest research. New studies suggest that CBD oil for dogs may be able to have a positive impact on the health of various organs and may even be able to reduce the risk of cancer.

Some veterinarians have begun prescribing CBD oil for dogs to help treat sprains and strains. By reducing inflammation, pain, and muscle spasms, the CBD for dogs could help speed the healing process. At the same time, it helps to relax your pet.

What Are the Best Hemp CBD Products?

As mentioned, Canna-Pet is the top choice for cannabis for dogs. They produce the best hemp CBD products – including herbal supplements, CBD dog treats, and MaxCBD liquid.

Canna-Pet¨ Advanced MaxCBD- 30 count capsules & MaxCBD Biscuits Combo Pack

The capsules contain a special formula contains CBD for dogs. But, the capsules can be difficult to give to a dog. Oil drops and dog treats are much easier to give to your pet on a regular basis without the hassle. So, if you need a way to combat anxiety or seizures, then CBD dog treats or liquid oil extract could be the best solution.

Below, we’ll explore the advantages and details of both products. Learn how these CBD for dogs can help provide the perfect anxiety treatment for dogs.

Canna-Pet CBD Dog Treats

If you have trouble giving your pet a capsule, then a treat could be an easier solution. CBD dog treats from Canna-Pet provides the same benefits as their capsules but in a tasty treat.

Canna-Pet¨ Organic Biscuit Assortment Ð 3 Boxes

These dog treats come in 3 different flavors, including:

  • Maple bacon
  • Turkey dinner
  • Peanut, banana, and apple with flax seed

All three flavors contain the same beneficial CBD for dogs to help treat your pet’s anxiety or seizures. They are completely organic hemp CBD products and completely safe your pet to consume. Each biscuit contains a special mixture of beneficial hemp cannabinoids, including CBD for dogs. This is combined with organic ingredients. They are non-GMO, along with being wheat, corn, and soy free. You can easily provide your pet with the very best treatment with virtually no risk of adverse side effects.

For dogs under 20 pounds, simply feed 1 CBD dog treat every 12 hours. Give 2 biscuits for dogs 21 to 44-pounds, 3 biscuits for dogs 45 to 95-pounds, and 4 biscuits for dogs over 95-pounds. Within hours, you should start to notice positive results. Though, the cumulative benefits of regular use can be profound. Over time, your dog may no longer suffer from anxiety. And, you should notice a reduction in the occurrence of seizures – if you’re seeking CBD oil for dog seizures.

So, if you’re ready to stop trying other remedies, then try using CBD dog treats. You’ve got nothing to lose, as they’re completely organic and safe for your pet to consume.

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Canna-Pet for Dogs – Advanced MaxCBD

In addition to the CBD advanced formula capsules and the CBD dog treats, Canna-Pet also produces a liquid hemp CBD oil. This is the most concentrated form of CBD for dogs and you only need a few drops to begin calming your dog’s anxiety.

Canna-Pet¨ Advanced MaxCBD Liquid - 10ml

No alcohol or carrier oils are used in the design of this product. It is simply a healthy way to give your pet natural CBD oil. And, this product has been specially formulated to increase its effectiveness. In fact, the Advanced MaxCBD oil for dogs offers 15 times the effective CBD of other options. This offers an efficient way to start using CBD for dogs to treat anxiety and seizures.

You can purchase this liquid in 10-milliliter bottles, which contains about 300 drops. As mentioned, you’ll start with 2 to 4 drops, several times per day, depending on the size of your dog. One bottle should provide about 30 days of use. Another reason to start using this treatment is that you can save money with auto-shipping. Automatically get your next batch shipped to your door, so that you never run out of CBD oil for your dog.

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Final Thoughts on Using CBD for Dogs to Treat Anxiety and Seizures

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if you should use CBD dog treats or hemp CBD products as an anxiety treatment for dogs. But, there is plenty of research to back the benefits of CBD for dogs. If you’re tired of searching for an anxiety treatment for dogs that provides results, then try using Canna-Pet hemp CBD products. These products are perfectly safe, effective, and affordable. This is the natural way to help give your dog the best possible care.

Thousands of pet owners have already discovered that advantages of CBD for dogs. They’ve seen how quickly CBD can help treat common ailments, including anxiety and seizures. But, don’t forget about the other conditions that this may help with. CBD for dogs has been known to help reduce inflammation, pain, and neurological disorders. Even if your dog doesn’t suffer from anxiety or depression, these hemp CBD products could provide a way to add more pep to your pet’s step. The use of CBD in treating various ailments is not a new breakthrough. People have been using CBD for well over 200 years. But, in recent years, we’ve seen the research and the benefits of this substance and the CBD compounds.

You may be able to help improve the general wellness and health of your beloved pet. It could help reduce pain, improve blood circulation, promote bone growth, increase cognitive function, increase muscle repair, and stimulate appetite.

These are advantages that could have a major impact on your pet’s health as they age. Improving bone growth and reducing inflammation may help slow the signs of aging. The bottom line is that these products have been shown to work and plenty of pet owners have tried for themselves. Don’t let your dog’s anxiety or seizures keep him or her from living their life to the fullest. Start taking advantage of the benefits of CBD for dogs.

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