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best raw dog foods review

What is the Best Raw Dog Food on the Market?

I was looking for healthy raw dog food for my dog. Cali Raw was a surprisingly amazing find! I love the extra nutritional ingredients that go into Cali Raw’s dog food. Other commercial raw dog food brands I’ve tried are more expensive and don’t have the added ingredients and supplements like fruits and vegetables, essential fatty acids, and biologically appropriate omegas that you would expect for the price. The best part is, my dog loves it!

About Cali Raw Products

Cali Raw dog food is one of the best raw dog foods because they believe in feeding animals species-appropriate raw food diets. This means raw meat, organ, and bone from chicken, turkey, beef, or lamb. Cali Raw’s dog food formulas also include vegetables, salmon oil, and other vitamins and minerals for optimal canine health to give dog owners peace of mind, while giving your pup a tasty meal.

Cali Raw dog food meals are designed to give your pup a complete, balanced raw food diet that meets AAFCO Guidelines for nutrition. All Cali Raw dog food is made in micro-batches inside a USDA inspected facility and consists of 100 percent certified humane meats.

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Adult Subscription Box

The Adult Raw Dog Food Subscription Box by Cali Raw Nutrition gives you the ability to customize your pup’s raw pet food diet according to their specific needs for a balanced diet and optimal dog health. Four formulas provide your pup with a complete, nutrient-rich, balanced dog food diet. Each formula is packaged in a one-pound bag for your convenience. It’s easy to order Cali Raw dog food online too! First, choose the protein type and amount of raw dog foods you want to be delivered. You can choose one to four proteins per dog food meat box. Dog owners can choose from four options, including real Chicken, Turkey, Beef, or Lamb. Or, select a variety dog food meat box that includes all of the above.

Cali Raw Adult Subscription Box

  • Offers you the ability to build a custom box of raw dog food
  • Choose from 4 different adult formulas

Frozen raw dog foods boxes come in the following sizes:

  • 10lbs starting at $62.50
  • 12lbs starting at $75.00
  • 16lbs starting at $100.00
  • 20lbs starting at $125.00
  • 24lbs starting at $150.00
  • 28lbs starting at $175.00
  • 32lbs starting at $200.00
  • 36lbs starting at $225.00

If you are not sure how much raw dog foods your pup will need each month, you can use Cali Raw’s daily feeding requirements calculator to determine which size box to buy. Lastly, you can choose a delivery schedule that will work for you and your furry friend, based on weekly or monthly requirements. Make sure to schedule the raw dog foods to be delivered from three-to-five days before your pup is out of food, so you will always have a fresh supply.

Beef Adult Formula

  • Cali Raw’s Adult Beef Formula is made for dogs over 12 months old. Cali Raw’s frozen raw beef formula provides your pup with a complete balanced freeze-dried raw food diet with more than 80 percent meat, bone, and organ; 19 percent vegetables, and 1 percent salmon oil and other vitamins and minerals.

Turkey Adult Formula

  • The Adult Turkey Formula is a complete raw food diet with 79 percent protein, 20 percent vegetables, and 1 percent added salmon oil and other vitamins and minerals.

Chicken Adult Formula

  • The Chicken Adult Formula is made with freeze-dried raw 81 percent meat, organ, and bone; 18 percent vegetables, and 1 percent wild Alaskan salmon oil, vitamins, and minerals.

Lamb Adult Formula

  • The Lamb Adult Formula is made with freeze-dried raw foods and includes wild Alaskan salmon oils for EPA and DHA to keep your pup healthy.

What is a Raw Diet for Dogs?

Raw diets are some of the healthiest diets around for dogs. If your pup is used to a dry dog food diet of processed kibble, it is a smart decision to switch your dog to a raw food diet; but don’t think you can just switch it up on them all at once. Switching your pup to a raw diet will take some time and patience. The critical thing to remember is that no two dogs are alike, so you will need to observe your dog and go at their pace.

Is Raw Dog Food Better?

If your dog is used to eating a highly processed dry dog food kibble diet, switching to a natural, raw diet may come as a shock to your pup’s digestive system. This is one of the main reasons to give your dog time to adjust to their new diet. The best way to introduce your dog’s stomach to any new diet is to slowly decrease the amount of your dog’s current kibble each day, replacing it with some raw dog food. Eventually, your dog’s processed kibble will be entirely replaced by the raw dog food.

It is normal for your dog to have a slight upset stomach at first because their body and digestive system will need to adjust to the new food. To help reduce your dog’s upset stomach, and help them adjust to the transition, it is a smart idea to stick to just one type of protein in your pup’s new meals for a minimum of one week. Some dogs may need to stick to only one protein for a more extended period if they are still having a soft stool or upset stomach after a week.

Once your pup’s digestive system gets used to one kind of protein, you can introduce a second type. With each new protein you add, it is a good idea to give your dog at least one week to adjust to the new protein before introducing another new kind. Once your dog gets used to all the different types of proteins, typically, after a few months, you can start to mix things up, giving your dog different meals every day if you want.

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How Much Raw Food Should I Feed my Dog?

It is essential for dog owners to start by introducing a small amount of raw food. The first time you introduce a new food, especially raw meat, it is best to add just one type of protein at a time. Thaw your first choice of raw meat (preferably raw meat that your dog is familiar with, if possible) in the fridge for one to two days.

Feed your dog a combination of about 80 percent of their usual dry dog food mixed with 20 percent of the new raw protein for about three-five days. If your pup does well with this food diet, you can increase the ratio of meat to 50 percent usual kibble with 50 percent raw protein for another three-five days.

Next, increase your dogs meal to 80 percent natural raw protein with only 20 percent of your dogs usual kibble for another three-five days. Finally, feed your dog 100 percent raw protein, zero kibble. Some dogs may take longer to adjust than others. For instance, you may need to keep it at 50/50 for up to a week or longer, depending on your dog.

What is the Healthiest Food to Feed your Dog?

Processed kibble is probably the worst food you can feed dogs. Freshly cooked food is much better. Raw food is the best. If you are used to feeding your dogs a fresh cooked diet, you will still need to transition to a raw diet slowly at first.

Every dog’s digestive system needs time to get used to raw food rather than cooked food. However, the transition time should be a lot faster than if your dogs are used to a processed kibble diet. Use the same transition steps as with the kibble to raw transition. Since every dog is different, you may need to adjust the time frame to be more or less gradual, depending on how your dogs are doing with it.

It is essential to do a gradual transition any time you want to make a change to your dog’s diet in any way. This includes transitioning from one brand of raw dog food to another. Even if your dog’s stomach is already adjusted to a raw diet, each brand is blended differently and may have ingredients your dog isn’t used to. Transitioning from one brand of raw food to another will likely be a much faster transition than going from cooked to raw or the even more extended transition period of going from processed kibble to raw.

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When Should You Start Your Dog on a Raw Diet? 

Cali Raw has the best raw puppy food for dogs too! Raw feeding puppies will typically be a quicker transition because puppies don’t need quite as much time to get adjusted to a raw foods diet because they have not had time to develop a long-standing processed foods diet. It is still vital to take the process slow and gradual, but you may be surprised that your puppy transitions in days rather than weeks.

Cali Raw Puppy Subscription Box

  • Offers you the ability to build a custom box based specifically on your puppy’s needs
  • Choose from 2 different puppy formulas, each complete & balanced, providing all the nutrients your young puppy needs to thrive

If your dog is in good health, with a strong digestive system, your transition time may prove to be faster as well. Start slow and see how your dog’s stomach handles it. Adjust as needed.

Senior dogs may take extra time to adjust to any new foods diet than younger pups. Older dogs typically have more sensitive digestive systems, and therefore need more time. Your senior dog’s transition period may need to go on for many weeks or even months. The longer your dog has been on a processed kibble dog food diet, the more time you’ll need to allow for their tummies to adjust to the new natural food.

What Happens When You Switch Your Dog’s Diet? 

If your dogs are used to a processed kibble diet, it may take some time for their bodies to detoxify during the transition to feeding your dog raw food. During detox, your dogs may experience some side effects like dry skin, shedding, and watery eyes.

Your dogs may drink less water on a raw diet because the raw dog food is moisture-rich. Your dogs will be getting much more water from their food than with a processed kibble diet, so they will not need to drink as much water.

During the transition period, your pup may experience an upset stomach and diarrhea. Once your their tummies have gotten used to the raw food, their stool will be much firmer and smaller than usual. This change is due to the lack of carbohydrates and fillers that are present in the processed kibble.

What If My Dog Won’t Eat? 

If your dogs refuse the raw food, the first thing to do is figure out why they don’t want to eat it. Sometimes it takes dogs time to get used to the new food. This is especially true if your dogs have been eating kibble for their entire lives.

Another reason your dogs may refuse the food is if they are not hungry. You may want to try fasting your dogs for anywhere from 12 to 24 hours before you introduce any new foods. If your dogs are distressed for any reason, they may not want to eat. Try introducing the raw food at another time, when your they are comfortable.

If you’ve got picky eaters on your hands, you may want to start their new diet lightly cooked. To cook the raw dishes, place the food in a pan on low heat on the stove for about six or seven minutes with a tablespoon of water. You may want to serve your dogs food on a plate so they can better see what they are eating.

Try having your dogs fast for 12 to 24 hours before introducing a new food. This is a good tactic because it will help to reset your pup’s digestive system before you switch to a new food. Serve their food at room temperature, rather than chilled. If your dog is susceptible to a sensitive tummy, you may want to help prepare their stomach by giving them some slippery elm or goat’s milk.

Final Thoughts on Cali Raw Dog Food

Cali Raw Adult Subscription Box

  • Offers you the ability to build a custom box of raw dog food
  • Choose from 4 different adult formulas

If you are on the search for a raw dog food diet your pup will love, you may want to give Cali Raw a try. Cali Raw has some of the best raw dog foods around. The most important thing to keep in mind as you transition your dog to a raw diet is that every dog is different, and no one knows your dog better than you. Try these general guidelines for the transition process, but change it as necessary depending on how your dog reacts to it. The key is to transition slowly by gradually replacing more kibble with raw food. You may have a quicker transition, or your pup may take more time. The best thing to do is stay patient and positive, and give your dog lots of encouragement.

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