Beginner’s Guide to Proper Dog Grooming Practices

dog grooming practices

There is more to dog grooming than just cleaning and clipping its hair. Avid dog lovers will tell you that overall grooming is crucial if you want your furry pal to lead a healthy life. Like you or your kids, your dog needs to take a bath, get a manicure and enjoy the aspects of physical maintenance. It’s during the grooming session that you will be able to notice any change in the dog’s physical and psychological health.

Grooming your dog helps you to build a deep bond. Regular pampering with a shampoo shower helps re-establish trust in many ways. You only need to know how to carry out the procedure. Even though you don’t want to spoil your pet, occasional treats are recommended. Grooming your dog’s hair and cutting it when necessary is something you cannot afford to ignore. With the best dog clippers for grooming, you will help your canine friend enjoy the hot summer days free of matted and demoralizing hair coat.

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You cannot jump into a dog grooming routine without planning for it. You need to proactively research more about your breed, and how to best carry out all the necessary grooming tasks. The way you handle your poodle isn’t probably the right way to groom the golden retriever or the mastiff. You need to follow basic grooming guidelines to get the best results. If anything you want it to be a fun moment for you and your dog.

Groom Your Dog At Home?

It’s never difficult to groom your dog at home. Time-strapped individuals will opt for professional grooming services, but you can save money if you have time to DIY. A good start is checking out how the professionals handle the grooming. You can request to sit and observe as the professional dog groomer gets to work. Consultations are ideal since they present you the chance to glean useful grooming tips that you can polish over time.

One of the grooming procedures you cannot skip is brushing your dog’s hair. You may not shampoo it all the time but brushing is easier and can be done without prior arrangements. Brushing your dog’ coat helps maintain a plush look and keeps the coat free from dirt. You need to invest in the right kind of brush that suits your pet’s hair. Rough and coarse bristled brushes might not offer the comfort that the dog needs in the process.

You need to check the dog hair type before you purchase a brush. If you have a long-haired dog, you need a brush that will withstand daily brushing. If the hair isn’t that long, a weekly brushing will do. If your dog has very short hair, you don’t have to worry about daily brushing, once in a few weeks will suffice.


dog bathing

Dog bathing day may not be the most exciting thing to look forward to. Before you start, it helps to know all the tips that make bath time a fun moment for you and the animal. Your efforts to bathe him will pay off since you create a bond and you end up with a dog that smells nice. Bath intervals for dog vary. The lifestyle and the breed of your dog counts. Long-haired breeds require frequent baths, while their short hair counterparts can do with a monthly dip.

It’s important that you know how to choose the right dog bath products. Use shampoos but make sure they don’t have nasty chemicals that can harm the dog or your hands. Check the dog’s age and pick a shampoo that will leave their skin well-conditioned. Don’t just clean the coat. Groom their ears, nails belly area and another part where parasites are likely to hide.

Nail Trimming

nail trimming - dog grooming practice
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Your dog requires regular inspection and one area you are likely to ignore is the feet. Those nails will grow and you don’t want such an unsightly look on its feet. Nail care for dogs doesn’t have to be a nightmare for you or your pet. There are ways and tools that facilitate a smooth procedure. You need to make sure that the nails are soft and you need to be careful not to cut too deep into the nails. Filing them is the better ideal instead of clipping.

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