3 pawsome activities that can make your fashionista pooch famous!

dog fame

After every salon trip or wearing trendy clothes, don’t you feel that the world is like a ramp waiting for you to walk? Well, maybe your fur baby wants the same for itself!

Wouldn’t you feel terrific and on top of the world if your dog becomes a fashion icon of the doggie world with its adorable tricks and fashionable clothes? Feeling confused?

Every dog owner likes to flaunt their pet’s cute little face and charming smile in front of others. Let’s take a look at those activities that can help your furry friend get the fame and stardom it is destined for.

Let’s “woof” it!

Get its own social media page.

Some dogs certainly have an indescribable quality that can’t be named. Ironically, it is the one thing that makes them special (je ne sais quoi). You might have noticed the fact that whenever you film or shoot pictures of your dog, it tends to pose like a diva. If yes, then it is time that you show the world what a star your pup is. And that can happen by getting a separate social media profile or page on sites like Facebook and Instagram.

You’ll be surprised to know that some dogs out there have more than 2 million followers. And if you want the same with your pup, make sure you upload all the cute pictures and videos and leave its followers awe-inspiring every time. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see a cute pup wagging its tail and doing all those naughty and funny things.

Get it enrolled in various contests.

What’s the better way to show off your baby pooch than entering into pageants and contests. Every dog has unique qualities of its own. Some are good at tricks, while others are best at sweeping all the awards at beauty pageants. So, it would be best if you discovered what your pup does the best at and get it enrolled in related contests.

For example, suppose your fur baby looks exceptionally cool and trendy; then you can get it featured in different magazines and coloring books. You just need to look for the Doggie Style Coloring Book Feature Contest Submission Form available and get it filled ASAP. Such activities can help immortalize your best friend, and its diva attitude can finally reap some benefits. 

Enter it into the showbiz

You might have seen those exceptionally cute doggies in advertisements and movies. What if we tell you that your baby pooch can be one of those really famous dogs. Yes, you read that right! If you feel that your dog has whatever it takes to enter into the show business, then you just need to take it to the next audition. Isn’t that flattering? 

Final Words!

A cute, smart, and well-trained dog is definitely liable to gain some fame in its lifetime. And if your pup likes to be the center of attraction and loves the camera, it’s indeed a cherry on the top.

So, what are you waiting for? Make some efforts and get your four-legged friend famous, and it will pay you back with unconditional love and lots of snuggles and cuddles.

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