9 Fun Facts of Having Your Own Puppy

Puppies are life! Good now that I got that out of the way, having your first puppy is probably one of the most amazing experiences in your entire life, there’s literally nothing in comparison besides having your own child obviously.

In the US alone the average number of people that own a dog is 36.5% of the total population, which just comes to show how many people love dogs.

When you or your family decides to have their very own puppy, the level of excitement especially by the children are outstanding, everyone has seen numerous movies of dogs, we all know how, having a dog can affect the lives of everyone present.

All I’m here to do is confirm the basic facts;

They are just the cutest things in the entire world!

It’s a fact you will get tempted, disclaimer* definitely don’t look into their eyes! Puppies have the acute tendency of being just too darn cute, their lack of potty training has made your entire house their bathroom. But, how can you stay mad at them, when they stare at you with those big blue eyes, although don’t think this is a bad thing, no, their cute eyes will only attract all sort of attention and you will find, yourself looking like a celebrity almost with your puppy.

Someone to always play with

Whether your sad, happy, angry or just having a full-blown episode, your puppy will always be there for you, to play with or just to make you happy, then you will never get tired of just petting his/her soft fur or just throwing a ball across the room so that they can fetch, it’s always fun teaching your puppy new tricks, like a small hobby you can take up, for those of us that have nothing to do.

Your nonirritating alarm clock

Ever hate the sound of your alarm clock early in the morning, well when you have your puppy you won’t even need an alarm clock, they will just shower you with kisses to brighten your day, granted you will have drool all over your face but it’s definitely worth it.

1st Responder

Studies have shown dogs are extremely smart so needless to say, with the right training your puppy might just save your life, and it’s a proven fact that dogs have shown to save human lives in the past, they are not called man’s best friend for nothing.

Your Knight and Shining Armor

Don’t let all that cuteness distract you, dogs and puppies alike can be very dangerous when they have too, they will sense intruders from afar and take them head-on, you can sleep soundly at night knowing your safe when your dog is around and you can leave the house knowing all is well too.

Cheaper alternative

Having a puppy is the best feeling ever and it can be cheap too. You can be smart about your pet shopping and select the best stores that offer quality food for your adorable pal. If you are looking for an affordable alternative then TopVouchersCode.co.uk is the best option where you can find everything for your pets at a cheaper price.

It doesn’t cost that much to take care of it too, now you can spend thousands of dollars a year on all your other project and hobbies or you can just adopt a pup and save yourself the hassle.

Great Icebreakers

Having a dog is probably the shortcut to making friends maybe even finding the love of your life. Haven’t you always wondered why people who have dogs are always the coolest in the group, have the most friends and are generally really smooth with girls well because puppies and dogs are the simplest way to break the ice in a group of people who you barely know? Stick with the program and get a dog.


There are so many real-life amazing facts about dogs you probably don’t know, they are quite literally an encyclopedia of facts a Factopedia!  So, every day you have a chance of getting to know something about your dog.

Instagram Craze

This is one of those dog-only things once you finally get your very own puppy and start posting Instagram pictures of them they will more likely boost your followers, like I said before everyone loves dogs and everyone loves a dog that can pose even more.

We’re not kidding when we say all of these things are true and if you still don’t believe us try getting a puppy and finding out for yourself.

I love to analyze things and to write about them. Just love reading books, traveling and my pets which are basically my ultimate inspiration for writing different kinds of blogs. I find all these things very interesting and always eager to share my views with other people.

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