8 Cute Halloween Costumes for Dogs

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Halloween is a spooky fun holiday to dress up in scary or silly costumes and have your friends over for a party or movie night. Why not get your furry friends involved in the fun with their own spooky, cute, or silly costumes? Read on for some adorable Halloween costume ideas for your pup that can be worn for Halloween, at a themed party, or just for fun!

1. Roar!

TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane

Starting Price $13.58

The TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane is designed to look realistic with a good fit. You can easily turn your docile pup into a ferocious lion to compliment your jungle or safari theme. This costume is made from high quality polyester that is easy to clean. This costume is made to fit medium to large dogs with neck circumferences of 60 cm to 80 cm.

TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane 1
TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane

2. Special Delivery!

California Costume Collections UPS Pal Dog Costume

Starting Price $14.85 

This UPS Pal Dog Costume is super cute. It is made from durable 100 percent polyester fabric. Your dog’s front legs go in the T-shirt sleeves of the costume to make it look like your pup is carrying the package. The costume has a Velcro closure at the neck. The foam visor is equipped with an elastic chin strap to keep it in place.

UPS dog
California Costume Collections

3. Bat Wings!

Legendog Dog Bat Wings

Starting Price $15.98

The Legendog Dog Bat Wings is perfect for your dog’s bat costume. These bat wings fit neck sizes 28cm-40cm and chest 37cm-70cm. You can adjust the straps to fit a variety of small, medium, and large dogs. The bat wings are made of durable cloth.

Legendog Dog Bat Wings
Legendog Dog Bat Wings

4. 50’s Party!

Rubie’s 50s Girl Pet Costume

Starting Price $13.70

The 50’s Girl Costume is hand washable. This costume has a cute striped dress with a pink poodle skirt and comes with a matching headpiece. Make sure to look at the measurement guide and measure your dog for the best fit. This costume shop has matching costumes for humans, so you can get one for you, your kids, and your dog.

50s costume
Rubie;s 50s costume

5. Get the Band Together!

NACOCO Pet Guitar Costume

Starting Price $16.99

This super cute costume makes it look like your dog is playing the guitar. This costume is made out of cotton and comes in multiple sizes to fit a variety of dogs. Medium fits chest size 13.78 inches – 17.72 inches – weight within 11 pounds. Large fits chest size 17.72 inches to 20.47 inches- weight within 16.5 pounds. Extra Large fits chest size 20.47 inches – 23.62 inches – weight within 22 pounds. 

dog guitar costume 3
NACOCO Pet Guitar Costume

6. It’s a Walking Teddy Bear!

Pandaloon Panda Puppy Dog and Pet Costume

Starting Price $35.00

The Pandaloon costumes are becoming super popular. This one comes in four different styles, the panda, bunny, lion, and teddy bear. The costume includes a full-length hoodie.

The fit is adjustable. It will fit chest sizes 10 inches-16 inches (measure the widest part of your dog’s chest for best fit), total height (from paws to ears) 16.5 inches or less, and weighs less than 14 pounds. This costume fits small dogs only. These costumes are made with soft, plush material that is just like a stuffed animal. Make sure to measure as this is a jumpsuit that will fit snugly.

panda costume
Pandaloon Panda Costume

7. Hula Time!

Rubie’s Hula Girl Pet Costume

Starting Price $13.91

This adorable hula costume comes with a grass skirt, flowers, bikini top, and lei. With this costume, your dog will be ready for your next luau or tropical party.

hula costume
Rubie’s Hula Girl Pet Costume

8. Speaking of Tropical…

Rubie’s Pineapple Pet Costume

Starting Price $17.00

This pineapple costume is super cute. It is a bodysuit with a matching headpiece. Make sure to measure your dog and check with the measurement guide to ensure proper fit. This costume is a great companion to the hula costume or mix it up with another food inspired costume for a silly duo.

pineapple costume
Rubie’s Pineapple Pet Costume

Whether you and your pup are hosting a Halloween party, or going out trick-or-treating, you can find some super cute costumes to dress up your pet. It is fun to include your dog in a themed party or to dress him up for photos. 

bunny costume
Pandaloon Bunny Costume

Just make sure to measure your dog and choose your costume sizes carefully. Only put your dog in a costume if he enjoys it. If the costume does not fit, or causes your pup any distress, remove it right away. For more Halloween safety tips, read our article on How to Keep Your Dog Safe This Halloween

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