7 Ways to Prevent Destructive Chewing!


Furniture, shoes, socks, purses, wallets, cellphones and remote controls are some of the things your dog could chew while you’re not looking. Your pup chewing on things he or she shouldn’t is a very common problem. However, we have great news!

There is a solution to destructive chewing.

With a little training and simple preventative measures, you can keep your dog from chewing on inedible things.

Why some dogs chew like to chew things when left alone?

Chewing is a natural in dogs, and it has been that way since the very beginning. The act of chewing, especially on something hard, helps keep their teeth clean and jaws strong.

labrador chewing on bone

But, this ingrained habit becomes problematic when it becomes destructive and inappropriate. One reason a dog is lonely, bored, anxious or stressed, especially for breeds that have a lot of energy to expend or separation anxiety. You can learn about some general behavioral attribute for different breed types by clicking here.

If your dog is high energy or has significant anxiety issues, it is best to make sure you take your dog for a lengthy walk, run or other activities to get them to expend their energy. Additionally, teething puppies use their mouths to explore their world just like human babies do.

This is inevitable for all puppy breeds. You’ll need to “puppy proof” your home to keep dangerous objects, chemicals and certain foods out of their reach. It is crucial you take the necessary precautions to direct their chewing behavior to appropriate items to prevent inappropriate chewing. What can my dog chew?

Below are 7 things your dog can chew on:

1. Bully Sticks

This durable chew and natural alternative to rawhide are well-loved by all dog breeds. It will also help your dog maintain healthy teeth and gums by scraping away tartar and plaque with each chew. It is currently available in five (5) thicknesses with multiple length options, so you can choose the right Bully Stick for your individual dogs’ size, age and diet.

Visit BestBullySticks.com for all your Natural Dog Treat & Chew needs!

2. Bone Chews

These are significantly harder and can keep a dog busy for many days! Bone chews can either come in beef, lamb, pork, venison and even crocodile. It is a natural source of calcium and protein and some, such as Beef Scapula, contains glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health.

3. Elk Antlers

You can order whole antlers or split antlers depending on the age and size of the dog. This preventative measure is excellent for even the most destructive chewers because it is mess-free, tasty and leaves little to no odor. Elk Antlers is an excellent source of calcium, zinc and iron.

4. Cow Hooves

One of the most durable chews available, this option is ideal for medium to giant breeds. Cow hooves are available on BestBullySticks.com and it is sourced from free-range cattle.

5. Other Beef Treats

We recommend giving your dog beef treats unless they are allergic since they will naturally clean your dogs’ teeth. You can browse additional beef treats by clicking here.

6. Cow Ears

You can visit Best Bully Sticks to order their low-fat cow ear chews, which is a more natural alternative processed rawhide. Their cow ears also do not have any artificial ingredients or smoking agents, which is known to cause health issues within dogs.

7. Lamb or another hypoallergenic chew option

Dogs that have a sensitive stomach should try kangaroo or lamb chew options. Natural dental chews accompanied with training and positive reinforcement from you, you can stop destructive chews habits to save your belongings and enjoy the fun with you furry friend!

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