7 Holiday Dog-Proofing Tips for Your Home

With the holiday’s around the corner, and most of you are wrapped up in holiday festivities. It’s easy to overlook the challenges your dog may encounter during this time of year. Whether you go all out during the holidays or keep it low-key, we have suggestions to keep your dog safe during the holiday.

Elevate the Holiday Tree

Whether you have a real or fake tree, you should keep it in a tall port or up on a high pedestal to make it harder for your dog to tip over the tree. This should also prevent your dog from getting to the water under real trees, which can be toxic for them to drink. Further, elevating the tree will keep the tree decorations out of your dog’s reach.

Don’t Fill Your Stockings Until Christmas Eve

You want to keep those stockings empty until Christmas Eve so that it doesn’t tempt your furry friend. Most items put in stockings contain toxic ingredients that can put your dog in danger. It’s better to keep this out of sight and in a safe place so that your dog can’t get to it. Further, we recommend keeping the stockings out of harm’s way. We’ve seen many stockings torn up in our household!

Keep Toxic Plants Off Your List

Plants and flowers that are unique to the holidays are actually hazardous for dogs if they ingest it! If possible, don’t purchase these for a holiday. You can get fake ones or decorate your home with different plants that are more friendly.

5 Holiday Plants to Keep Away From Your Dog:

  • Pine Needles
  • Mistletoe
  • Holly
  • Amaryllis
  • Poinsettia


Keep Wrapped Presents in the Closet

Public enemy #1 may be wrapped presents! They’re shiny, and tons of fun tear up. Most people keep wrapped presents under the tree. We recommend keeping wrapped gifts in a closet where your dog can’t get to it. You can also wrap them the night before Christmas Eve so you can take them out the same time you fill your families stockings.


If your dog acts up only when he or she is alone, then consider keeping them in a crate. You don’t want them to get into something toxic that can make them sick. This is a great way to keep them out of harm’s way while providing them a safe place to relax since most dogs enjoy cages/crates.

Keep Chocolates and Other Dangerous Foods Out of Sight

If your dog is prone to eating garbage or stealing food off the table, then you should be careful with any dangerous foods that are harmful to your pup. Keep it hidden in a drawer or closet where your dog can’t get to it. If your children decide to leave milk and cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve, then make sure it’s in a spot that is high and out of reach from your fur-baby.

Educate Guests

When guests visit for the holiday’s they’ll often not be aware that your dog shouldn’t eat human food. Most of the delicious dishes we make during the holidays are not healthy for your dog’s diet. It’s usually high in fat, dairy, and spices, which are all not good for your four-legged friend. So when guests join for dinner, make sure to educate them that they shouldn’t feed your dog any table scraps. This will help you avoid dealing with an upset tummy during the holidays from your dog!

We hope these dog-proofing tips will make your holiday smoother this year. If you have any pet-proofing tips, comment them below. We’d love to hear your strategies!

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