6 Surprising Ways You Are Wasting Money on Pet Care

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We all want what’s best for our pets. However, we often confuse the best with the most expensive. While a lot of good pet products, food, and services do cost money, spending more doesn’t always guarantee better pet care. When it comes to caring for your dog or cat, the little things matter more than you think.

For example, the habit of brushing your pet’s teeth diligently every day has far-reaching positive health benefits than simply buying expensive snacks with supposed dental care properties. Similarly, a little time spent every day grooming your pet can increase your bond and helps you save money on professional pet grooming bills. In this post, we talk about 6 ways you are probably wasting money on pet care.

Not Buying Pet Medications Online

Unless your pet’s vet offers incredible deals on pet products and medications, it’s best to look elsewhere. Find a reputed discount pet pharmacy online to save more than you ever could buying from a physical pet store or a vet’s clinic. How are online pet stores able to give you massive discounts? For starters, large online pet stores don’t have the overhead costs of a large pet shop. Most large online pet pharmacies source their supplies directly from companies, which enables them to offer better prices to customers.

Buying Tug Toys When You Can Easily Craft Them at Home

Your dog doesn’t really care about how its chew or tug toy looks. Therefore, think twice before buying an expensive tug toy. You can easily fashion a sturdy and safe tug from old cotton t-shirts. There are plenty of tutorial videos that can help you craft amazingly fun toys for your pet. Embrace the DIY culture to save money and have fun doing it.

Not Investing in a Pet Food Storage Box

If you plan on feeding your dog or cat dry pet food, then investing in a large storage container can actually save you money. Buy a large airtight food box made from food grade plastic. A high-quality pet food box should last the pet’s life span and allow you to buy bulk quantities of dry kibble and store it safely. Why buy pet food in bulk? Bulk food packs are far more affordable per pound than small ones.

Not Spending Money on Preventives

When we talk about preventives, we are not talking about generic health supplements. Spend money on proven preventive care such as deworming, flea and tick medication, and dental care products. These will help prevent diseases and save you loads on treating medical conditions.

Skip Buying Fancy Costumes

Playing costume with your pet is great if you have money to spare. However, if you want to save money on pet care bills, you should skip the fancy clothes. Dogs and cats really don’t care about clothes and costumes as long as they are comfortable. If it’s cold, consider buying affordable winter wear for your pet or fashioning one from old human clothes.

Find a Vet Clinic That Charges Less

As loving pet parents, we assume that the clinics that charge less offer an inferior service. This is often not the case. Just like a clinic that charges more does not always offer the best service. We suggest checking online reviews of vet clinics to understand which one offers the best service and medical care.

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