5 Chores Every New Dog Owner Should Learn How to Do

Congratulations on bringing home that new puppy! However, you very well know that having a pet is more than just fun, games, and loads of cuteness, right?

If you are a first-time dog owner, you need to know and master some tasks that come hand in hand with taking care of a pet.

These chores are important to learn especially for young kids who are taking care of a pet dog for the very first time.

These will teach them the value of accountability and responsibility, as well as enable them to exercise their sense of leadership.

Here are basic skills that every new dog owner should master:

1. Walking Outdoors

Walking your dog is the best and easiest form of exercise you can give him.

If you are a new pet owner, you should master the technique of putting a leash on your dog and leading him outdoors to stroll.

Train your dog to respond to this task positively and without a struggle.

When outside, you should also be able to take full control of your dog — don’t let your dog control you.

There are a lot of professional tips that you can check out on how to keep your dog disciplined while he is on a leash.

It’s also a nice idea to keep things fun by giving your pet a cool personalized dog collar and other accessories for that walk out in the park.

2. Giving a Bath

Pet dogs need to be given a bath ideally once to twice a week.

Just like humans, their good health depends on proper grooming and hygiene.

When running a bath for your dog, use lukewarm water and always test the temperature to make sure it is comfortable.

Use a shampoo recommended for the particular breed of dog you have — there are special shampoos for long-haired varieties, for instance.

After wetting your dog and working the shampoo in a lather, make sure to rinse him well. Dry him with a towel or an air dryer.

3. Grooming Care

Giving your dog a bath doesn’t end there — it also entails brushing his teeth and cleaning his outer ears.

You also need to trim his nails periodically.

If your dog is long-haired, you need to keep his coat soft and tangle-free by brushing it with specialty brushes.

Other breeds of dogs may require additional grooming tasks and methods, so you should do some research or check with your vet.

4. Potty Pick Up!

Part of walking your dog outside is the responsibility of picking up his poop.

There are devices and contraptions available on the market for this purpose.

However, you can also be resourceful by bringing along a plastic bag or some old newspaper for picking up poo.

Make sure to dispose of it properly afterward.

Always be mindful of your dog pooping on other people’s property or elsewhere — it is a no-no to simply leave your dog’s poo out in public for other people to accidentally step on.

5. Going to the Vet

Trips to the vet will be a regular thing, so make sure to work out a good system for managing your pet for this task.

Make sure that he is comfortable in the car while being transported.

Learn some techniques in positive reinforcement and conditioning to make sure that your pet does not fear going to the vet.

Don’t forget to bring water, food, and other supplies with you on the trip.

Also, keep his health and vaccination records compiled for easy reference.

Taking Care of Your Pet

Bringing a pet into your home is not that easy — it requires dedication and commitment to ensure his good health and happy disposition.

While taking care of a dog may seem such a chore, as millions of pet owners know, it brings a different kind of joy, happiness, and contentment that makes all the hard work worth it!


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